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Midnight Commander 4.8.14

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Major changes since 4.8.13


  • Minimal version of GLib is 2.14.0
  • Add new panel binding "SelectExt" to select/unselect files with the same extension as the current file (#3228)
  • Speed up of directory size calculation (#3247)
  • Support of italic text (#3065)



  • New syntax highlighting support:


  • Rewrite mcview's rendering and scrolling (#3250, #3256)
    • no more partial lines at the top and failure to scroll when Up or Down is pressed;
    • better handling of CJK characters;
    • handle combining accents;
    • improved nroff support;
    • more conventional scrolling behavior at the end of the file.
  • Use VIEW_SELECTED_COLOR in plain mode (#3405)
  • In QuickView panel, don't pass any chars to command line to avoid unexpected command execution (#3253)

Diff viewer


  • Code cleanup (#3265, #3262)
  • Bind poedit to Edit action for .po files (#3287)
  • Better grammar mcedit user menu (#3246)


  • Fail to build against musl libc (#3267)
  • Error compiling with glib 2.20.3 (#3333)
  • Overwrite of the PROMPT_COMMAND bash variable (#2027)
  • contrib/*.?sh are not recreated after rerun of configure (#3181)
  • File rename handles zero-length substitutions incorrectly (#2952)
  • Lose files on "Skip" when "Cannot preallocate space for target file" (#3297)
  • Info panel can't obtain file system statistics on Solaris (#3277)
  • "Shell patterns" broken beyond repair (#2309)
  • File selection by patterns uses bytes instead of unicode characters (#2743)
  • Copy files dosn't work as expected, when copying to a directory with the special symbol in its name (#3235)
  • Wrong order of old_colors table items (#3404)
  • Input line: Alt+Backspace on one-letter word erases too much (#3390)
  • "Directory scanning" window is too narrow (#3162)
  • No Help for User Menu (#3409)
  • mcedit: paste from clipboard does not work (#3339)
  • mcviewer: hang when viewing broken man page (#2966)
  • mcview hex: incorrect highlight when search string not found (#3263)
  • mcview hex edit: UTF-8 chars are not updated (#3259)
  • mcview hex edit: can't enter certain UTF-8 characters (#3260)
  • mcview hex edit: CJK overflow (#3261)
  • mcedit: status line doesn't show full path to file (#3285)
  • Freeze when copying from one FTP location to another (#358)