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Midnight Commander 4.8.0

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WARNING: Configuration files was moved from your $HOME/.mc directory into XDG_CONFIG_* directories to respect FDO standard. To get more information, see ticket #1851.

WARNING: VFS paths now handled as vfsprefix1://vfsdata/vfsprefix2://vfsdata (see #2361). Also, 'bindings' user file was renamed to 'mc.ext', so you need search in this file all


and replace them to


After this you should rename your 'bindings' file to 'mc.ext'

Old-style paths are handled just in 'Directory hotlist' dialog, but you couldn't mix URL-like and old style path elements in one path string.

Support of old-style paths will be removed in next major release (probably in 4.9, who knows...)

WARNING: keybinding names was renamed to provide some unification (see #2511). The correspondence of old and new keybinging names are described in doc/keybind-migration.txt file and in doc/keybindMigration web page.

WARNING: if you have trouble with open of archives and etc, do follow:

grep 'Open=%cd' ~/.local/share/mc/mc.ext | head 

If output contains

Open=%cd %p#ucab
Open=%cd %p#uha
Open=%cd %p#urar

try convert your old binding file

sed 's|\(Open.*\)#\(.*\)$|\1/\2://|' bindings  > mc.ext

Be aware.

Major changes since 4.7.5


  • Added 256 colours support (#2169, #2173, #2475)
  • Changed default text in filtered view (alt-!) to input command line (if not empty) or stay old behaviour (current file under cursor) (#2266)
  • Added simple swap mode that means the swap of panel locations, in addition to current swap of panel content (#2368)
  • Сonfiguration files now moved to directory specified in XDG_CONFIG_HOME environment variable (#1851)
  • Panel options are read now from [Panels] section only. [Midnight-Commander] section is not read (#2305)
  • "Show mini info" checkbox was moved from the "Layout" dialog window to the "Panel options" one (#2305)
  • Select files by shift-left/right in file panel (#2534)
  • Added support of skip all errors on multi-file/dir operation (#71)
  • 'Find Files' improvements:
    • support relative ignored directories (#2275);
    • handle of ignored directories in dialog window (#2275);
    • "Search for content" checkbox is enabled by default (#2462)
  • Added hardlinks detection for filehighlight (#2478)
  • Unification of keybind names (#2511):
    • most of keybinding names are changes to unify that names. Table of old and new names is available in doc/keybind-migration.txt;
    • improve of key rebinding: previously, to rebind some keys, used must redefine the entire section where that bindings are placed in user keymap file. New merge algorithm doesn't require that and allows rebind only wanted keys;
    • added --nokeymap command line option to disable external keymaps
  • Sources in 'lib' directory now independent to sources in 'src' one (#2501)
  • Added configure parameter --enable-mclib for build shared library (#2501)
  • Added new engine for universal event system (as part of #2501)
  • Optimized loading and saving of configurations and histories (#2541, #2545)
  • Reimplemented i18n support in 'Chmod' dialog window (#2557)
  • Added -g/--oldmouse option to support of NORMAL/BUTTON_EVENT mouse type (useful for screen/tmux) (#2601)


  • VFS structure changes (as part of #2501):
    • moved from lib/vfs/mc-vfs to lib/vfs;
    • split VFS-modules by directories and moved to src/vfs;
    • lib/vfs/vfs-impl.h was merged into lib/vfs/vfs.h
  • VFS now used URL-like paths (#2361)
  • New extfs plugin: gitfs (#2467)
  • patchfs enchancement: join several hunks of the same file into one VFS entry (#2573)


  • New engine of the editor macro (#323)
  • Multiply repeat of the recorded actions (#323)
  • Call extermal scripts from the editor (#323, #2512)
  • Added REDO action (#25)
  • Group UNDO by action (#27)
  • Selection is not reset after execute user menu (#2463)
  • Vertical selection is not reset after copy/move (#2504)
  • More intuitive word left/right action (now the cursor stop beside EOL/BOL) (#2483)
  • Duble-click marks the current word. Added action MarkWord to mark word, MarkLine to mark current line (#2499)
  • Regexp search&replace: support escape sequences in replacement string (#1882)


  • Minor enhancement in mc.ext:
    • added -C key to nm utility in View action for static libraries (#2485)
  • New file bindings:
    • .torrent: view using ctorrent (#2562);
    • .mts: handle as videofile (#2566)
    • .3gp - video (#2583)
  • Added new entries in "Sort selection", "Upper case", "Lower case"
  • New skins:
  • Updated skins:
  • Added support for check unit test framework (as part of #2501)
  • Added -F/--datadir-info option to show extended information about used data dirs (#2495)
  • Added --configure-options to easy update & reconfigure existing mc (#2495)
  • Language-specific man pages and hint and help files are not installed if mc is built with --disable-nls option (#2514)
  • Added new translation:
    • Esperanto
    • Interlingua
  • Code cleanup (#2481, #2515, #2518, #2560, #2570, #2620)
  • mc.ext: use "include" for $EDITOR entries (#1689)
  • License version updated to GPL3+ (#1551)


  • Build failure on DragonFly BSD (#2516)
  • Broken Del & Backspace in dialogs (in locale CP866) (#1634)
  • Screen and input corruption under xterm in non-UTF locales (#1668)
  • Alt-Backspace shortcut doesn't work (#2455)
  • Broken command autocompletion (#2458)
  • Swap panels doesn't respect sort options (#2368)
  • File list format of panel is initialized incorrectly after switch back from quick view or info mode to file list one (#2390)
  • Main menu is not drawn correctly after change of it visibility and activity (#2466)
  • MC switches to left panel after call of command history using mouse (#2459)
  • Find file: don't check content regexp if search for content is not used (#2464)
  • Find file: broken lynx-like navigation in panelization of search result (#2491)
  • Dialog trims leading spaces in input field (#2544)
  • Panelize content is lost when doing F5/F6/F8 on a file on the other panel (#2312)
  • Color of panel header cannot be set in the command line (#2170)
  • ctrl-g key closes file panels (#2520)
  • Incorrect files mark by mouse (#2556)
  • Bold and selected colors of viewer cannot be set in the command line (#2489)
  • Cannot compile on Solaris (#2587)
  • Recent autoconf displays warnings about missing AC_LANG_SOURCE (#2589)
  • Duplication of variable declarations (#2576)
  • Incorrect TTY layer initialization (#2601)
  • Wrong Backspace key behavior in QuickSearch mode if BS key is mapped to CdParentSmart action (#2522)
  • M-o works unexpectedly on symlink shortcuts (#2590)
  • Panelize doesn't honour current sorting (#2175)
  • Hintbar jumps to the top of the screen and overwrites main menu (#2593)
  • File size column is bogus for widths above 9 (#2580)
  • Hex search: incorrect length usage in hexadecimal search (#2579)
  • Editor: Incorrect Pascal syntax highlighting (#2531)
  • Editor: mouse clicks are ignored on the bottom line (#2591)
  • Editor: incorrect restore selection after UNDO (#2456)
  • Editor: segfault after getting the previous char in utf8 (#2484)
  • Editor: incorrect detection of the word boundary (added '{', '}' as end of word) (#2500)
  • Viewer: Fixed search finds bold/underlined strings twice and highlight search results (#265)
  • Viewer: cursor position is not restored in hex mode (#2543)
  • Viewer: fixed incorrect starting offset for 'search again' (#2294)
  • Viewer: fixed problems while displaying UTF-8 manual pages (#1629)
  • Diff viewer: quick left/right movements don't work in non-default key maps (#2509)
  • AI_ADDRCONFIG is not optional for RFC 3493 non-compliant systems (#2401)
  • FTP directories containing @ result severe security risks (eg. deletion of homedir) (#2220)
  • Builtin ftp client can't download files with apostrophe in a file name (#2251)
  • Unable to show FTP listing if password contains # (#2360)
  • FTP: fixed access to file names starting with space (#81)
  • Bashisms in extfs (#2569)
  • Browsing *.deb files is broken with latest Perl (#2552)
  • isoinfo adds ";1" to the end of file name when Joliet without Rock Ridge is used (#2471)
  • patchfs incorrectly works with filenames containing spaces (#2572)
  • cd to ~ processed incorrectly in the command line if more than one space is separating the "cd" and "~" (#2120)
  • Broken listing in ExtFS VFS module (#81)
  • File name length is limited in tar archive (#2201)
  • FISH hangs while copiyng a lot of small files (#2605)
  • FISH: broken panels drawing after entering password (#2611)
  • FISH: content of modified file is appended instead of overwritten in the remote host (#2632)
  • extfs: strange error message when opening a 7z file if p7zip is not installed (#2598)