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4.8.2 (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#2072 high cpu usage during directory navigation and UTF-8 locale mc-core 4.8.2 defect new 03/02/10

4.8.20 (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#3907 fix for ticket #2626 breaks completion in some cases mc-core 4.8.20 defect new 03/27/18
#4012 Replace does not work correctly with mark columns mcedit 4.8.20 defect new 09/02/19

4.8.21 (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#3945 ssh vfs: network problems during move operation resulted in deleted local file and partial remote file mc-core 4.8.21 defect new 11/02/18
#3952 No move dialog shown, mc unresponsive mc-core 4.8.21 defect new 12/21/18
#3932 [Perl syntax] Symbol "#" parsed as comment in regular expressions mcedit 4.8.21 defect new 08/17/18
#3978 Spaces depended behavior of syntax highlight mcedit 4.8.21 defect new 04/08/19

4.8.22 (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#3984 mcdiff Segmentation fault in ydiff.c when calling g_utf8_offset_to_pointer() mcdiff 4.8.22 defect new 05/09/19
#3974 mcview doesn't scroll correctly upon search mcview 4.8.22 defect new 03/06/19
#3979 Searching in growbuf doesn't jump to match mcview 4.8.22 defect new 04/14/19
#3968 Version sort does not respect case sensitivity mc-core 4.8.22 defect new 02/06/19

4.8.24 (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#4071 Sometimes mc hangs on directory change mc-core 4.8.24 defect new 03/19/20
#4138 Right to left language (like Hebrew) causes name and size columns to be switched mc-core 4.8.24 defect new 10/23/20
#4065 VolkovCommander-like chain menu mc-core 4.8.24 enhancement new 02/25/20
#4059 YAML syntax highlight is broken on multiline blocks mcedit 4.8.24 defect new 02/01/20
#4066 Mess in shell history mc-core 4.8.24 defect new 02/25/20
#4072 mcedit anchored regex line matching inconsistencies mcedit 4.8.24 defect new 03/28/20

4.8.25 (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#4166 dataloss: mcedit save of existing file on full sshfs file system causes empty file mcedit 4.8.25 defect reopened 01/04/21
#4117 Quick view panel only shows raw view mcview 4.8.25 defect new 09/12/20
#4144 mouse clicks don't work on ncurses-6.2, generate garbage to stdout mc-tty 4.8.25 defect new 11/10/20
#4162 Missing character breaks mc's lines mc-core 4.8.25 defect new 12/23/20
#4119 Cannot scroll panel listing upwards using mouse mc-core 4.8.25 defect new 09/30/20
#4150 MC_EXT_BASENAME / %p is unset when viewed using mcview mcview 4.8.25 defect new 11/29/20

4.8.26 (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#4213 mc crashes on startup with subshell support as default in Freebsd mc-core 4.8.26 defect andrew_b accepted 02/25/21
#4243 Persistent command line buffer for subshell does not work under Mac OS mc-core 4.8.26 defect new 05/17/21
#4253 subshell/common.c/init_subshell interferes with read in .zshrc causing 10 second mc startup delay mc-core 4.8.26 defect new 05/30/21
#4289 sshfs mounts cannot be browsed with mc mc-vfs 4.8.26 defect new 09/08/21
#4188 Warning: Cannot change to <path>.. with Fish shell mc-core 4.8.26 defect new 01/26/21
#4271 Patch for man page viewer mcview 4.8.26 enhancement new 08/16/21

4.8.27 (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#4279 FISH download, file modification and access times truncated mc-vfs 4.8.27 defect new 09/03/21
#4280 FISH download, file access time set to modification time mc-vfs 4.8.27 defect new 09/03/21
#4284 Left/Right menu, duplicate F hotkey mc-core 4.8.27 defect new 09/03/21

4.8.3 (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#3376 mcedit: ugly dark red on blue color for C and shell comments mcedit 4.8.3 defect new 12/12/14
#2806 mc-4.8.3 - Install error with fish, fork bomb and system hang on OSX mc-core 4.8.3 defect new 05/07/12
#2815 "Preallocate space" option interferes with copy speed calculation mc-core 4.8.3 defect new 05/27/12

4.8.4 (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#2875 [patch] mcedit supertab mcedit 4.8.4 enhancement new 09/03/12

4.8.5 (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#2951 Open files on sftp link fails or opens wrong file mc-vfs 4.8.5 defect new 01/12/13

4.8.6 (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#2900 MC not starting without user home directory mc-core 4.8.6 defect new 09/24/12
#2930 patchfs doesn't work with a particular patch mc-vfs 4.8.6 defect new 11/18/12

4.8.7 (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1500 Segmentation fault while background copying mc-core 4.8.7 defect slavazanko reopened 08/08/09
#2946 sftpfs transfers are very slow mc-vfs 4.8.7 defect new 01/03/13
#2945 MC does not update $PS1 after internal file operations mc-core 4.8.7 defect new 01/01/13

4.8.8 (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#3197 FTP renaming leads to DATA LOSS mc-vfs 4.8.8 defect new 04/17/14
#2391 shell connecting by mc mc-vfs 4.8.8 defect reopened 10/15/10
#3063 subshell history is poisoned with cwd's in csh mc-core 4.8.8 defect new 08/27/13
#3074 Quitting mc shouldn't quit its children mc-core 4.8.8 enhancement new 09/14/13
#2994 Shortcut keys with Caps Lock mc-core 4.8.8 defect new 04/05/13

4.8.9 (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#3039 sftpfs: SSH aliases (#2923 wrong fix) mc-vfs 4.8.9 defect new 07/12/13

master (52 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#3874 Bracketed paste mode turned off by mc mc-core master defect new 11/08/17
#4170 Move CI from Travis to GitHub Actions adm master enhancement new 01/10/21
#17 savannah: ownership is not preserved when copying symlinks mc-core master defect reopened 12/25/08
#37 savannah: external editor does not write changes on remote file systems mc-vfs master defect new 12/25/08
#62 savannah: MC fail to notice when archive is replaced mc-vfs master defect new 12/26/08
#68 savannah: Aborting a FISH file transfer is grossly inefficient mc-vfs master defect assigned 12/26/08
#116 savannah: infinite loop reading large directories via fish mc-vfs master defect new 01/02/09
#399 Compare directories does not work as expected mc-core master defect new 06/10/09
#400 Support for multiline search, and for searching for 0x0A bytes. mc-search master defect new 06/10/09
#1407 FISH: incorrect show file/directory owner mc-vfs master defect assigned 07/15/09
#1448 FTP protocol in Midnight Commander is unusable [metabug] mc-vfs master defect new 08/03/09
#1639 "preserve Attributes" option should *not* be automatically disabled mc-core master defect new 09/25/09
#1685 Missing support for archives with encrypted headers (rar, 7z and probably more) mc-vfs master defect zaytsev accepted 10/09/09
#1871 Advanced chown: wrong set files permissions mc-core master defect new 12/10/09
#1952 mc cd foo.tar#utar does not handle POSIX ustar archives, only GNU tar vendor-specific/legacy ones mc-vfs master defect andrew_b accepted 01/10/10
#1989 Improper creation of the file archive from the directory containing the "\" in the name mc-core master defect new 02/01/10
#1993 Change the file name when copying to FTP mc-vfs master defect new 02/03/10
#2088 "Show directory sizes" usability regression versus 4.6.x mc-core master defect zaytsev accepted 03/06/10
#2113 Get rid of unpacking arcives to temporary directory mc-vfs master defect new 03/18/10
#2124 'Whole words' option is ignored in backward search. mc-search master defect new 03/28/10
#2160 Moving folder from VFS panel to local tree leaves empty folder structure on VFS mc-vfs master defect new 04/29/10
#2180 Screen output can't handle non-printable characters mcdiff master defect new 05/06/10
#2229 MC viewer doesn't like [binary] files with no line endings [2 bugs here] mcview master defect assigned 05/30/10
#2256 shell link via ssh fails to restore after connection lost mc-vfs master defect new 07/04/10
#2323 syntax hightlighting rule order bogus mcedit master defect zaytsev accepted 08/26/10
#2328 No action without shell patterns documentation master defect new 08/26/10
#2348 "file" command detection at buildtime breaks crosscompile + isolated builds cross-compilation master defect new 09/14/10
#2351 mc should warn prior to attempting to copy a file >4 GB to vfat partition instead of crashing mc-core master defect new 09/15/10
#2452 Doesn't save "Verbose operation" file operation option mc-tty master defect reopened 12/18/10
#2691 Error (cross)compiling mc 4.8.1 cross-compilation master defect new 12/16/11
#2773 'include' keyword (for command class def) have no effect if it was defined before 'Include' keyword (for commad def). mc-core master defect new 04/06/12
#2782 MC and snapshots on FreeBSD mc-core master defect new 04/20/12
#2842 2261_multiedit vs. 1490_dlgswitch mc-core master defect new 07/08/12
#2851 cannot copy file from iso created with mkisofs when Joliet without RockRidge used mc-vfs master defect reopened 07/19/12
#2878 unable to save changes in "Safe save" mode to recoded directory mcedit master defect new 09/05/12
#2879 diff viewer: cannot open file from recoded panel mcdiff master defect new 09/05/12
#2967 "Screen list" and related M-`, M-{ and M-} do not work from "find file" list mc-core master defect reopened 02/20/13
#2986 [Find All] should not remove user's bookmarks mcedit master defect new 03/21/13
#3008 Error when opening or inserting file (with autocompletion) mc-core master defect new 05/20/13
#3009 mc doesn't respect SGID bit while copying mc-vfs master defect new 05/21/13
#3023 -b, --nocolor options not working usefully mc-tty master defect reopened 06/20/13
#3106 executing any program in mc ends putty session when not root mc-core master defect new 11/15/13
#3138 redo is broken mcedit master defect new 01/05/14
#3141 "filtered view" can lock up mc mc-core master defect new 01/05/14
#3171 syscall interrupted during sftp transfer mc-vfs master defect new 02/14/14
#3175 mc hangs copy-pasting vertical block (Alt+F5) mcedit master defect new 02/26/14
#3192 annoying "incomplete file" popup mc-core master defect new 04/07/14
#3220 The "Directory Compare" tool doesn't work (right) with search results mc-core master defect new 06/14/14
#3221 In "Directory Hotlist" the keyboard right button has stopped working for the final destination mc-core master defect reopened 06/14/14
#3224 mcedit hangs on `Paste output of...` mcedit master defect new 06/17/14
#3252 Incorrect cursor position in Quick view mc-core master defect new 08/22/14
#3254 Shift+Fn keys are off by two in ncurses mc-tty master defect new 08/22/14
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