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Midnight Commander

Please note that all the changes contained in this release will also make it into the next release of the "master" branch. The 4.7.0.x release series will only contain bug fixes and stabilization patches.

Major changes since


  • Easy plugable EXTFS VFS (backport from 4.7.1 with all fixes) (#1909)


  • Added ini.syntax (#2126)


  • Renamed color keywords (#1660):
    • menu -> menunormal
    • linestate -> editlinestate
  • Updated file extension for "sh" (#2127)
  • Translation updates


  • Build breaks on ignored return values (just memleaks and some little changes) (#1897)
  • Misleading label "Status:" in the Info panel (#2146)
  • i18n_checktimelength may vary depending on the season (#1671)
  • Incorrect overwrite mode in editor in UTF-8 codeset (#2081)
  • urar EXTFS doesn't correctly show localized filenames in RAR archives (#2049)
  • urar EXTFS: disable RAR/UNRAR user/system configuration for archive list and copyout operations (#2050)
  • Patches adding a single line are not shown correctly by patchfs (#2149)
  • uzip EXTFS: fixed Y2K bug (#2122)