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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#3423 How to change default shell used to run user menu scripts mc-core master enhancement new 03/27/15
#3485 change in src/vfs/extfs/extfs.c mc-vfs master enhancement new 06/23/15
#3490 Ability to switch to background jobs to view their status mc-core master enhancement new 06/25/15
#3497 auto turn off sorting mc-core master enhancement new 07/07/15
#3513 Liquidsoap syntax mcedit master enhancement new 08/10/15
#3514 It would be good to have an option to skip multiple "is the same file" when copying directories containing hardlinks mc-core master enhancement new 08/12/15
#3591 Usability/Joy of Use: Switching Panels Via Backslash Key (= Right-Hand Tab-Key on US-keyboards) mc-core master enhancement new 01/31/16
#3600 Make it possible to drag dialogs. mc-core master enhancement new 02/26/16
#3635 Develop tests for FISH scripts tests master enhancement assigned 04/21/16
#3636 Develop tests for embedded scripts, e.g. VFS tests master enhancement mooffie assigned 04/21/16
#3650 Set local file copy stat data mc-vfs master enhancement new 05/31/16
#3657 t64 VFS support (C64 tapes) mc-vfs master enhancement new 06/25/16
#3674 Add new panel option for display_total_marked_size() to apply three different styles mc-core master enhancement new 08/17/16
#3675 Update/rework panel option "Use SI size units" mc-core master enhancement new 08/17/16
#3676 Reconsider wether the info panel should show a scaled or raw value for file size mc-core master enhancement new 08/17/16
#3692 [PATCH] More sophisticated shell type detection method mc-core master enhancement new 09/24/16
#3699 patch to fix restoring of the directory contents of the active panel on startup when "Auto Save Panel Setup" option is enabled. mc-core master enhancement new 10/09/16
#3712 Don't hardcode color-names in syntax-highlighting files mcedit master enhancement new 11/03/16
#3725 Don't limit hotkeys in user menu to simple letters only mc-core master enhancement new 11/14/16
#3741 PTP external filesystem (download files from photocameras) mc-vfs master enhancement new 12/07/16
#3770 Feature request: allow user to disable % macros on command line only mc-core master enhancement new 02/08/17
#3818 Customize shortcut to return from subshell to other than Ctrl-O mc-core master enhancement new 04/30/17
#3872 More macros for mcedit user menu mcedit master enhancement new 10/28/17
#3885 Ability to exclude files from search results when using shell patterns mc-search master enhancement new 12/07/17
#3886 Allow to view directory content list with mcview mcview master enhancement new 12/08/17
#3902 "Natural" mouse scroll direction mc-core master enhancement new 02/25/18
#3949 Add support for some popular hot keys in mc to mcedit too mcedit master enhancement new 11/07/18
#3995 custom endpoint_url for s3 mc-vfs master enhancement new 06/17/19
#4014 External diff viewer? mc-core master enhancement new 09/10/19
#4049 MC doesn't let me modify contents of archive mc-vfs master enhancement new 01/18/20
#4078 Give a confirmation for 'skip' while copying. mc-core master enhancement new 05/03/20
#4161 Add quick search for listboxes mc-core master enhancement new 12/22/20
#4165 [patch] MultiSearch – an AND-conjugated dynamic filtering of any listbox mc-core master enhancement new 01/02/21
#4175 [patch] CenterView action mcedit master enhancement new 01/15/21
#4184 [patch] WindowCascade action mcedit master enhancement new 01/23/21
#4185 [patch] WindowTile action mcedit master enhancement new 01/23/21
#4186 [patch] Options for windowed startup mcedit master enhancement new 01/24/21
#4195 Makefile utility targets for tags mc-core master enhancement new 02/08/21
#4204 [patch] Support for globs in open file dialog mcedit master enhancement new 02/17/21
#4205 editor's menus are a mess mcedit master enhancement new 02/17/21
#4206 [patch] Stable WindowList in mcedit mcedit master enhancement new 02/18/21
#4220 A new feature – completing from tags mcedit master enhancement new 03/18/21
#4294 Start a subshell in background mc-core master enhancement new 10/09/21
#4311 Why not bind alt-home, alt-insert, etc? mc-tty master enhancement new 11/12/21
#4315 slow copy performance when using LTFS as a destination mc-core master enhancement new 11/28/21
#4318 [feature request] Show hash of file in "File exists" window of "Copy/Move" dialog mc-core master enhancement new 12/03/21
#4402 mcedit - open file at specific line and column position mcedit master enhancement new 08/22/22
#4448 A keyboard shortcut to select a bunch of files mc-core master enhancement reopened 02/27/23
#4453 16-column HEX view in wide monitor mcview master enhancement new 04/03/23
#4455 MC could really use FTP's MLSD command mc-vfs master enhancement new 05/10/23
#4458 Support clipboard via OSC 52 mc-core master enhancement new 05/18/23
#4512 mc should use kPRV5 from terminfo for Ctrl+PageUp mc-tty master enhancement new 11/21/23
#21 savannah: ctrl-\ hotlist key won't work under tty<i> mc-core master task assigned 12/25/08
#389 Support of 'Extended Unix Code' mc-core master task new 06/02/09
#2026 inconsistent .mc /usr/share searchpath mc-core master task new 02/13/10
#2213 tree view: user manual update mc-core master task assigned 05/21/10
#2216 Active + mouse clicks doesn't refresh view mc-core master task assigned 05/22/10
#2919 Reimplementation of widget subsystem mc-core master task andrew_b reopened 10/22/12
#3673 Deprecate size_trunc_sep() in favor of locale-dependent printf support mc-core master task new 08/17/16
#3734 Improve the syntax documentation documentation master task new 11/30/16
#3785 extfs: make the tester a TAP producer tests master task new 03/07/17
#3811 Have str_chomp() mc-core master task new 04/18/17
#3830 mcedit: create a corpus of sample files in various syntaxes for testing purposes mcedit master task new 06/15/17
#4490 Prepare for release mc-4.8.31 adm master task new 08/13/23
#9 savannah: Child process signal handling mc-core master defect new 12/24/08
#20 savannah: superflous copying instead of moving mc-core master defect new 12/25/08
#26 savannah: undo does not reset "modified" status mcedit master defect assigned 12/25/08
#1517 User can expand tree node, but there are no visible keys for collapsing it back mc-core master defect assigned 08/09/09
#1666 1st line shifted after paragraph format mcedit master defect andrew_b reopened 10/03/09
#2132 Viewer does't make horizontal scroll to the found text. mcview master defect assigned 04/05/10
#2142 mcedit highlighting stumbles upon multiple nested quotes mcedit master defect new 04/15/10
#2145 JavaScript highlighting bug in regexp. mcedit master defect new 04/17/10
#2150 Ctrl+Enter doesn't copy selected file name to subshell in terminal emulator --without-x mc-tty master defect new 04/22/10
#2151 Odd behavior when opening ZIP file that contains the same file twice mc-vfs master defect slavazanko accepted 04/22/10
#2184 accelerators hard to see in default theme mc-skin master defect new 05/07/10
#2629 Allow editor to read data from stdin mcedit master defect new 10/14/11
#2630 Store the growbuffer / Rename Parse into Refresh for DS_*_PIPE mcview master defect new 10/14/11
#2657 SEGV when loading directory hotlist during startup mc-core master defect slavazanko accepted 10/30/11
#2811 "don't save passwords in history" option spoils some addresses mc-core master defect new 05/25/12
#2830 Bash subshell history not written on exit mc-core master defect slavazanko accepted 06/17/12
#2907 4.8.x subshell input line is limited to 80 characters, and is overwritten when filled instead of continuing on the next line mc-tty master defect new 09/29/12
#2921 mc doesn't respect first-line comments in man pages mc-core master defect new 11/03/12
#3080 "Paste from clipfile" unexpectedly doesn't move cursor mcedit master defect new 09/26/13
#3094 Entering folder with apostrophe in its name results in warning mc-vfs master defect new 10/04/13
#3168 Learn keypad keys vs. numlock mc-tty master defect new 02/11/14
#3205 Failed copy/move operations make ETA inaccurate mc-core master defect new 05/02/14
#3215 Mcedit cursor takes more space on russian letters mcedit master defect new 05/14/14
#3255 Inconsistent Unicode normalization mc-core master defect new 08/26/14
#3278 Info panel should follow symlinks mc-core master defect new 09/29/14
#3280 [patch] mcview: search off-by-one between plain and hex modes mcview master defect new 10/04/14
#3406 -31: SFTP Protocol Error when transferring file via SFTP Link mc-vfs master defect andrew_b reopened 02/17/15
#3413 Info panel: contents overflow to the border mc-core master defect new 03/07/15
#3531 roff underline+bold not recognized mcview master defect new 10/01/15
#3542 [patch] fix /src/editor testsuite failure when ncurses is used mc-core master defect new 10/21/15
#3627 sharp is not escaping on M-Enter mc-core master defect new 03/29/16
#3638 Fix LINGUAS to contain `en@quot*` catalogs translations master defect new 04/30/16
#3679 proper forking of xdg-open mc-core master defect new 08/21/16
#3764 Viewer: mouse click scrolls twice mcview master defect new 01/26/17
#3765 Viewer: mouse click scrolling vs error dialog mcview master defect new 01/26/17
#3809 Configured codepage ignored mc-core master defect new 04/17/17
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