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Midnight Commander 4.8.20

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Major changes since 4.8.19



  • extfs helpers tester:
    • diff of failed tests is now included in output to ease bug reporting (#3784)


  • Syntax:


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  • Unify curses initialization for various curses implementations (#3697)
  • Highlight txz extension as archive like tgz, etc. (#3782)


  • Improper use of IEC and SI prefixes for size (#3666)
  • Wrong --help message for mcview, mcedit and mcdiff (#3805)
  • External panelize: opening a file with an absolute path fails (#2942)
  • Filter isn't cleared when entering empty string (#3813)
  • Panelization is not kept while switching panel listing mode (#3810)
  • Cannot tab out of a QuickView? panel (#3815)
  • Cannot use the F10 key in a QuickView? panel (#3816)
  • mcview: file interpreted as latin1 instead of utf8 (#3783)
  • mcview: incomplete read of filtering data (#3817)
  • man pages: wrong paths of mc.hint and mc.hlp (#3806)
  • VFS: incremental tar doesn't contain empty directories (#2297)
  • VFS: incremental tar: wrong directories owner for tar --numeric-owner -g (#3709)
  • VFS: tests: locale issue causing helpers using 'sort' to fail (#3787)
  • VFS: tests: unportable 'echo' use causing one rpm helper test to fail (#3786)