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Midnight Commander 4.8.9

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Major changes since 4.8.8



  • extfs: support unrar-5 (#3015)
  • extfs: use xorriso (if exists) for writing into ISO images (#3027)


  • Support unlimited file size (#1743)


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  • Fail to link if system lib does not contain strverscmp (#2992)
  • Segfault when mc's temporary directory doesn't belong to the correct user (#3021)
  • Race condition when creating temporary directory (#3025)
  • Mouse doesn't work in screen and tmux (#3011)
  • Incorrect file size in copy/move overwrite query dialog (#3000)
  • Garbage in subshell prompt (#3001)
  • Incorrect WLabel redraw after text change (#2991)
  • Find File: "All charsets" options don't work (#3026)
  • When an unknown key is pressed, it is interpreted as garbage (#2988)
  • Segfault on creating new file in external editor (#3020)
  • Rotating dash is not removed when mc finishes reading the directory (#2163)
  • mcedit: word completion failed if word to be completed is begun from begin of file (#2245)
  • mcview: broken switch between raw and parse modes (#2968)
  • Hex viewer: continue search doesn't work (#2706)
  • sftpfs: broken SSH aliases (#2923)