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Midnight Commander 4.8.5

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Major changes since 4.8.4


  • Implemented case-insensitive patterns in mc.ext bindings (#2250)



  • Code refactoring and cleanup (#1977)


Diff viewer

  • Bidirectional merge (F5 merge left-to-right, F15 - merge right-to-left) (#2863)


  • Syntax highlighting news and updates:
    • update assembler.syntax: x86 AMD64 registers highlighting (#2542)
    • new cmake.syntax: preliminary and incomplete syntax file for CMakeLists.txt files (#2084)
    • new dlink.syntax: syntax highlighting for D-Link switches command set (#2649)
    • update properties.syntax: more nice look-and-feel (#1869)
  • mc.ext enhancement (#2103):
    • use chm_http text-mode handler for CHM files
    • play sounds only from videos in text mode
    • use pdftotext -layout -nopgbrk switches
    • try to use elinks before links for HTML
    • soffice2html text-mode handler for SXW files
    • wvHtml text-mode handler for doc files
    • xlhtml text-mode handler for XLS files
    • ppthtml text-mode handler for PPT/PPS files
    • open=view+pager fallback (noX) for PostScript, PDF, OD[PST] and DVI
    • standarized $DISPLAY checks
  • File extension support:
    • SQLite database files (#2103)
    • compiled Java files (*.class) (#2103)
    • m4a for MP4 containers with audio data in the Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) or its own Apple Lossless (ALE, ALAC) formats (#2869)
    • .ogm extension was deprecated in favor of .ogv (#2664)


  • Bad EXTHELPERSDIR substitution if --prefix is not set (#2849)
  • Partially broken loading of user-defined keymap file (#2848)
  • Enter on directory named '~' goes to the home one (#2874)
  • Cannot Copy/Move files with filename encoding change (#2791)
  • Cannot view compressed files named like log.1.gz (with digit in name) (#2852)
  • Panel is not refreshed if panel history is called using mouse (#2854)
  • Duplicate entities in panel with 'tree view' mode (#2835)
  • Broken synchronization with filelist and tree panels (#2862)
  • Standalone mcedit doesn't load saved file position (#2853)
  • mcedit segfaults when aspell (en) dictionary is not installed (#2856)
  • mcedit segfaults after "Back from declaration" call (#2859)
  • mcedit: unable to save changes in "Safe save" mode(#2832)
  • Segfault when viewing HTML files with "mc -v" (#2858)
  • Broken 'Enter' action on a rpm file containing space character in filename (#2838)
  • extfs: uc1541 broken handling (#2864)
  • mc.ext: OGV format handled as audio (#2869)