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#3544 File extraction size limit mc-vfs master defect new 10/27/15
#3545 MC and sshelper mc-vfs master defect new 10/28/15
#3551 Ctrl+Space does not unselect directories it processed, and there's a workflow where this is DANGEROUS mc-core master defect new 11/11/15
#3573 copy does not honor setgid flag on target directory mc-core master defect new 11/28/15
#3614 MC is unresponsive when running under tmux in Linux virtual terminal mc-tty master defect new 03/15/16
#3623 mc v.4.8.16 freezes when working via screen/tmux mc-core master defect new 03/17/16
#3647 MC summarizes hardlink sizes mc-core master defect new 05/19/16
#3666 Improper use of IEC and SI prefixes for size in size_trunc()/size_trunc_len() mc-core master defect andrew_b reopened 07/27/16
#3722 Double clicking on empty area executes last item mc-core master defect new 11/06/16
#3738 travis builder should also target osx in addition to linux mc-core master defect new 12/06/16
#3739 .gitignore : build process should not left any modified or untracked files mc-core master defect new 12/06/16
#3761 mcedit marked column deletion with F8 is wrong. mc-core master defect new 01/24/17
#3767 Document the left/right menu panelize command documentation master defect mooffie accepted 01/27/17
#3771 trac: ticket create/update operations are very slow adm master defect new 02/10/17
#3772 Esc-p and Esc-n don't work in External Panelize command history, only Esc-h works mc-core master defect new 02/14/17
#3788 extension mechanism: signal in `View` process affects `Open` process mc-core master defect new 03/09/17
#3789 extfs: rpm helper misses CONFLICTS field mc-vfs master defect new 03/09/17
#3814 MC does not set group-sticky bit when copy directory to directory with group-sticky bit mc-core master defect new 04/22/17
#3820 From 4.8.18 strange behavior when used in a SSH session from PuTTy mc-tty master defect new 05/02/17
#3824 Quick cd is relative in panelization mc-core master defect new 05/14/17
#3825 Do not keep the directory handle open mc-core master defect new 05/24/17
#3831 Dot in regex pattern should match one character even if the texts are multi byte mc-search master defect new 06/17/17
#3837 cd does not work in menu mc-core master defect new 07/08/17
#3848 mc dropped path when try open NFS mount point from Windows 2012 mc-core master defect new 08/15/17
#3859 Rotating dash generates way too much output mc-core master defect new 09/24/17
#32 savannah: mc doesn't clean up tempfiles mc-vfs master enhancement assigned 12/25/08
#67 savannah: x selection in editor mcedit master enhancement assigned 12/26/08
#197 Generic handling for built-in commands mc-core master enhancement new 01/16/09
#280 Fast switch between recently used files mcedit master enhancement angel_il accepted 02/21/09
#405 fast filter mc-core master enhancement new 06/14/09
#1364 overly verbose xterm window title mc-core master enhancement assigned 06/21/09
#1373 More options in Filter dialog mc-core master enhancement new 06/22/09
#1380 input widget history mc-core master enhancement new 06/26/09
#1542 External Scripting mc-core master enhancement assigned 08/17/09
#1581 Tabs or tab equivalent proposed mc-core master enhancement slavazanko accepted 09/03/09
#1636 hotlist: fast filter mc-core master enhancement new 09/23/09
#1652 Hide ^M in editor. mcedit master enhancement angel_il accepted 10/02/09
#1849 Color output support mcview master enhancement new 11/28/09
#2092 Better hard link creation, support for directories mc-core master enhancement new 03/09/10
#2162 xdiff (binary diff) mcdiff master enhancement new 05/01/10
#2194 Use no caching mode for copy/move(=copy to a new media and remove) files operations mc-core master enhancement new 05/13/10
#2252 build system causing waaaay too many rebuilds mc-core master enhancement new 06/29/10
#2343 hotkey on any language mc-core master enhancement new 09/08/10
#2622 Editor in panel, not fullscreen mcedit master enhancement new 10/01/11
#2693 implement "follow symlink" command mc-core master enhancement new 12/17/11
#2697 Filter as you type mode mc-core master enhancement new 12/21/11
#2701 Compress to format... mc-core master enhancement new 12/21/11
#2733 The file view/edit history. mc-core master enhancement assigned 02/13/12
#2744 Normal work on read-only file systems mc-config-ini master enhancement new 03/09/12
#2749 C-code navigation via cscope mcedit master enhancement new 03/19/12
#2772 Suggestion to load /etc/mc/mc.ext after ~/.config/mc/mc.ext anyway or add keyword to mc.ext for this purpose. mc-core master enhancement new 04/06/12
#2792 add transilterate option when copy/move filenames with encoding change mc-core master enhancement new 04/28/12
#2801 allow shell substitutions in hotlist menu mc-core master enhancement new 05/04/12
#2822 allow panelizing VFS where possible mc-vfs master enhancement new 05/31/12
#2836 Faster directory load in certain (specific) cases mc-core master enhancement new 06/28/12
#2865 mcdiffviewer could save diff mcdiff master enhancement new 08/10/12
#2867 mcdiff should show *.diff/*.patch files mcdiff master enhancement new 08/14/12
#2905 Windows CE vfs mc-vfs master enhancement new 09/26/12
#2916 Select / filter by file size mc-core master enhancement new 10/12/12
#2920 Better skin files documentation master enhancement new 11/02/12
#2937 Make the "Open file..." dialog in mcedit have a gui similar to mc where the user can pick a file graphically, not by typing its entire path. mc-core master enhancement new 11/26/12
#2948 ~/.config/mc/mcedit/menu: split filetype related actions to separate files mcedit master enhancement new 01/07/13
#2977 Show images with img2txt helper (libcaca utility) mcview master enhancement new 03/09/13
#2979 More user friendly bookmark management mcedit master enhancement slavazanko accepted 03/14/13
#3004 Pump up MC development using Plugins API mc-core master enhancement new 05/17/13
#3006 Unescape, reencode and insert string mcedit master enhancement new 05/20/13
#3068 Vim's modeline support / tabulation settings per-file mcedit master enhancement new 09/03/13
#3072 Please add an option for delete to trash mc-core master enhancement new 09/09/13
#3083 Elaborate/make user-friedly mcedit X11 Copy/Paste support mcedit master enhancement new 09/27/13
#3099 Delete dialog - follow links mc-core master enhancement new 10/18/13
#3100 Embedded torrent viewer/vfs mc-core master enhancement slavazanko accepted 10/18/13
#3109 Recursive option for chmod and chown mc-core master enhancement new 11/18/13
#3118 Allow variables in external panelize command mc-core master enhancement new 12/03/13
#3147 Virtual Squashfs Support mc-vfs master enhancement new 01/11/14
#3165 Display human readable sizes in panels mc-core master enhancement new 02/03/14
#3170 A feature for selected files mc-core master enhancement new 02/14/14
#3191 Clarify priority/order of mc.ext conflicting entries. mc-core master enhancement new 04/02/14
#3194 coffescript && erb syntax highlighting files mcedit master enhancement new 04/11/14
#3210 Add "libarchive/bsdtar" and "The Unarchiver/unar" support for (rar and others) files support mc-vfs master enhancement new 05/08/14
#3264 Use own screen drawing method rather than slang/ncurses mc-tty master enhancement new 08/31/14
#3295 Find file dialog improvements: support ignore mask instead of directories, improve help page mc-core master enhancement new 10/30/14
#3343 Add a support for FTPS connection mc-core master enhancement new 11/21/14
#3423 How to change default shell used to run user menu scripts mc-core master enhancement new 03/27/15
#3485 change in src/vfs/extfs/extfs.c mc-vfs master enhancement new 06/23/15
#3490 Ability to switch to background jobs to view their status mc-core master enhancement new 06/25/15
#3497 auto turn off sorting mc-core master enhancement new 07/07/15
#3513 Liquidsoap syntax mcedit master enhancement new 08/10/15
#3514 It would be good to have an option to skip multiple "is the same file" when copying directories containing hardlinks mc-core master enhancement new 08/12/15
#3580 Slow start because the subshell starts slow mc-core master enhancement new 01/02/16
#3591 Usability/Joy of Use: Switching Panels Via Backslash Key (= Right-Hand Tab-Key on US-keyboards) mc-core master enhancement new 01/31/16
#3600 Make it possible to drag dialogs. mc-core master enhancement new 02/26/16
#3635 Develop tests for FISH scripts tests master enhancement assigned 04/21/16
#3636 Develop tests for embedded scripts, e.g. VFS tests master enhancement mooffie assigned 04/21/16
#3650 Set local file copy stat data mc-vfs master enhancement new 05/31/16
#3657 t64 VFS support (C64 tapes) mc-vfs master enhancement new 06/25/16
#3674 Add new panel option for display_total_marked_size() to apply three different styles mc-core master enhancement new 08/17/16
#3675 Update/rework panel option "Use SI size units" mc-core master enhancement new 08/17/16
#3676 Reconsider wether the info panel should show a scaled or raw value for file size mc-core master enhancement new 08/17/16
#3692 [PATCH] More sophisticated shell type detection method mc-core master enhancement new 09/24/16
#3699 patch to fix restoring of the directory contents of the active panel on startup when "Auto Save Panel Setup" option is enabled. mc-core master enhancement new 10/09/16
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