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add transilterate option when copy/move filenames with encoding change

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It would be nice if mc can do transliteration when copy/move files with filename encoding change. So we can easily tarnsliterate accented characters via select ASCII filename encoding with transliteration as target encoding.

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              When the string "//TRANSLIT" is appended to
              --to-code, transliteration is activated.  This
              means that when a character cannot be represented
              in the target character set, it can be
              approximated through one or several similarly
              looking characters.

It could be done an easy way, e.g. user have to add some flag to the encoding in the "to" path:
maybe a T or _ (underscore) after the encoding, or change the '#enc:' to '#enct' or something similar.

 |                        [x] Using shell patterns | 
 | to:                                             | 
 | /tmp/2/#enc:CP437T/                         [^] | 
 | [ ] Follow links [ ] Dive into subdir if exists | 

Or add a checkbox to codepage selection dialog:

+--------- Choose codepage -----------+
| [x] Transliterate when copy or move |
| -  < No translation >               |
| 0  7-bit ASCII                      |
| 1  ISO 8859-1                       |
| 2  ISO 8859-2                       |
| ...                                 |
| b  KOI8-U                           |
| c  UTF-8                            |

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