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Midnight Commander 4.8.31

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Major changes since 4.8.30



  • fish: drop support of native FISH server and protocol. Rename VFS to shell (#4232)
  • uc1541 extfs: update up to 3.6 version (#4511)
  • Support for LZO/LZOP compression format (#4509)



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  • FTBFS on FreeBSD with ext2fs attribute support (#4493)
  • Broken stickchars (-a) mode (#4498)
  • Wrong timestamp after resuming of file copy operation (#4499)
  • Diff viewer: segfault when display of line numbers is enabled (#4500)
  • Tar VFS: broken handling of hard links (#4494)
  • Sftp VFS: failure establishing SSH session due hashed host names in ~/.ssh/known_hosts (#4506)
  • Shell VFS: incorrect file names with cyrillic or diacritic symbols (#4507)
  • mc.ext.ini: incorrect description of of how multiple sections and keys with same names are processed (#4497)
  • mc.ext.ini: unescaped backslash \ is treated as invalid escape sequence in glib-2.77.3 and glib-2.79 (#4502)
  • mc.ext.ini: file "" is handled as Makefile not as zip-arhive (#4419)