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#2423 MC doesn't jump to a destination directory upon pressing Enter on found files in the "Find Files" results panel mc-core 4.7.4 defect new 11/18/10
#2452 Doesn't save "Verbose operation" file operation option mc-tty master defect reopened 12/18/10
#2453 Screen corruption after viewing UTF-8 file mc-core 4.7.4 defect andrew_b reopened 12/20/10
#2460 Option not to ask unlink hardlink on saving mcedit 4.7.5 defect new 12/29/10
#2480 mc & fish might hang when file grows whilst loading it for viewing mc-vfs 4.6.2 defect new 01/25/11
#2510 Merge hunk feature modifies file mcdiff 4.7.5 defect new 03/01/11
#2523 tty: characters starting from 0xA0 are valid Unicode mc-tty defect new 03/30/11
#2532 bad panel in connect to FreeBSD-8.2 FISH mc-vfs 4.7.5 defect assigned 04/08/11
#2548 Modify time, Access time, CHange time - ALL The Same On A Remote System mc-vfs defect new 05/02/11
#2561 FISH: file names corrupt while copying mc-vfs 4.7.5 defect new 05/27/11
#2581 When an archive file grows to a certain size, some text files cannot be opened by MC mc-vfs 4.8.0-pre1 defect new 07/22/11
#2633 Subshell don't save the output of the commands (ctrl+o clear the terminal) mc-core defect new 10/19/11
#2682 Mouse: Can't use panel scrolling with trackball mc-core 4.8.0 defect new 12/02/11
#2690 wrapping up: unfinished part of ticket #1730 mcview 4.8.1 defect new 12/15/11
#2691 Error (cross)compiling mc 4.8.1 cross-compilation master defect new 12/16/11
#2735 Cannot open some jar files in VFS mc-vfs defect new 02/20/12
#2773 'include' keyword (for command class def) have no effect if it was defined before 'Include' keyword (for commad def). mc-core master defect new 04/06/12
#2782 MC and snapshots on FreeBSD mc-core master defect new 04/20/12
#2823 wrong handling of new VFS naming scheme mc-vfs 4.8.3 defect reopened 06/01/12
#2841 [ftpfs] [regression] mc adds spaces at the beginning of some files/dirs on AIX ftp servers mc-vfs master defect new 07/04/12
#2842 2261_multiedit vs. 1490_dlgswitch mc-core master defect new 07/08/12
#2878 unable to save changes in "Safe save" mode to recoded directory mcedit master defect new 09/05/12
#2879 diff viewer: cannot open file from recoded panel mcdiff master defect new 09/05/12
#2915 Cross-compilation: linking fail cross-compilation defect new 10/12/12
#2936 Ctrl-O conflict with Vim started from command line mc-core 4.8.1 defect new 11/25/12
#2946 sftpfs transfers are very slow mc-vfs 4.8.7 defect new 01/03/13
#2951 Open files on sftp link fails or opens wrong file mc-vfs 4.8.5 defect new 01/12/13
#2967 "Screen list" and related M-`, M-{ and M-} do not work from "find file" list mc-core master defect reopened 02/20/13
#2985 mc command line does not allow alias defines mc-core defect new 03/18/13
#2986 [Find All] should not remove user's bookmarks mcedit master defect new 03/21/13
#3008 Error when opening or inserting file (with autocompletion) mc-core master defect new 05/20/13
#3009 mc doesn't respect SGID bit while copying mc-vfs master defect new 05/21/13
#3010 subshell is not working with dash mc-core 4.8.15 defect new 05/23/13
#3023 -b, --nocolor options not working usefully mc-tty master defect reopened 06/20/13
#3039 sftpfs: SSH aliases (#2923 wrong fix) mc-vfs 4.8.9 defect new 07/12/13
#3063 subshell history is poisoned with cwd's in csh mc-core 4.8.8 defect new 08/27/13
#3090 Prompt not updated, shows wrong directory mc-core 4.8.10 defect new 10/01/13
#3095 Compare directories [ Thorough ] doesn't work with SFTP mc-core 4.8.10 defect new 10/09/13
#3106 executing any program in mc ends putty session when not root mc-core master defect new 11/15/13
#3138 redo is broken mcedit master defect new 01/05/14
#3141 "filtered view" can lock up mc mc-core master defect new 01/05/14
#3171 syscall interrupted during sftp transfer mc-vfs master defect new 02/14/14
#3175 mc hangs copy-pasting vertical block (Alt+F5) mcedit master defect new 02/26/14
#3192 annoying "incomplete file" popup mc-core master defect new 04/07/14
#3198 mc on Solaris 11.1 hangs after copy/move command mc-core 4.8.12 defect new 04/19/14
#3220 The "Directory Compare" tool doesn't work (right) with search results mc-core master defect new 06/14/14
#3221 In "Directory Hotlist" the keyboard right button has stopped working for the final destination mc-core master defect reopened 06/14/14
#3224 mcedit hangs on `Paste output of...` mcedit master defect new 06/17/14
#3234 filehighlight doesn't work for hardlinks mc-core 4.8.12 defect new 07/28/14
#3252 Incorrect cursor position in Quick view mc-core master defect new 08/22/14
#3254 Shift+Fn keys are off by two in ncurses mc-tty master defect new 08/22/14
#3257 Charset handling buggy and extremely complicated mc-core master defect new 08/28/14
#3275 [patch] Highlight %lf in C code in mcedit mcedit 4.8.13 defect new 09/19/14
#3279 Meta+i hotkey does not work in mcedit documentation master defect new 09/29/14
#3283 Fish on host without perl does not work with symlinks on directory mc-vfs master defect new 10/09/14
#3344 screen+mc: keys up/down skipping mc-core 4.8.13 defect new 11/22/14
#3345 Subshell not working in GNU screen mc-core 4.8.13 defect new 11/23/14
#3376 mcedit: ugly dark red on blue color for C and shell comments mcedit 4.8.3 defect new 12/12/14
#3383 slow open of zip files if unzip points to unzip-rcc (use unzip-plain as workaround) mc-vfs master defect reopened 12/28/14
#3417 Fix vertical line color if a file is marked and selected mc-skin master defect slavazanko reopened 03/19/15
#3432 Segmentation fault when viewing file which archived multiple time (in rpm's tarball) mc-vfs master defect new 03/29/15
#3474 [patch] fix some -Wshorten-64-to-32 warnings mc-core master defect new 05/25/15
#3486 Subshell is not cleared when it already contains a command and active panel is changed mc-core master defect new 06/23/15
#3487 mcedit: wrong highlighting in presence of "#define \\" (i. e. preprocessor directives) mcedit 4.8.14 defect new 06/24/15
#3529 Search does not always respect the chosen codepage mc-search master defect new 09/27/15
#3540 Failing tests, Ubuntu 12.04, gcc 4.6.3 mc-core master defect new 10/20/15
#3544 File extraction size limit mc-vfs master defect new 10/27/15
#3545 MC and sshelper mc-vfs master defect new 10/28/15
#3551 Ctrl+Space does not unselect directories it processed, and there's a workflow where this is DANGEROUS mc-core master defect new 11/11/15
#3570 xorriso under mc is slow to open an ISO mc-core 4.8.15 defect new 11/25/15
#3573 copy does not honor setgid flag on target directory mc-core master defect new 11/28/15
#3595 FTP: Problem with UTF-8 encoded names mc-vfs 4.8.15 defect new 02/07/16
#3647 MC summarizes hardlink sizes mc-core master defect new 05/19/16
#3670 bug after FTP disconnect - stray slash copied to beginning of URL mc-vfs 4.8.16 defect new 08/07/16
#3722 Double clicking on empty area executes last item mc-core master defect new 11/06/16
#3738 travis builder should also target osx in addition to linux mc-core master defect new 12/06/16
#3739 .gitignore : build process should not left any modified or untracked files mc-core master defect new 12/06/16
#3761 mcedit marked column deletion with F8 is wrong. mc-core master defect new 01/24/17
#3771 trac: ticket create/update operations are very slow adm master defect new 02/10/17
#3772 Esc-p and Esc-n don't work in External Panelize command history, only Esc-h works mc-core master defect new 02/14/17
#3788 extension mechanism: signal in `View` process affects `Open` process mc-core master defect new 03/09/17
#3792 mc clear prompt for subshell when shell is tcsh and uses their own mc-core 4.8.19 defect new 03/13/17
#3798 MC is leaking a pipe to executed programs mc-core 4.8.19 defect new 03/24/17
#3814 MC does not set group-sticky bit when copy directory to directory with group-sticky bit mc-core master defect new 04/22/17
#3820 From 4.8.18 strange behavior when used in a SSH session from PuTTy mc-tty master defect new 05/02/17
#3824 Quick cd is relative in panelization mc-core master defect new 05/14/17
#3825 Do not keep the directory handle open mc-core master defect new 05/24/17
#3831 Dot in regex pattern should match one character even if the texts are multi byte mc-search master defect new 06/17/17
#3833 MC flickers when viewing or opening images in external viewer mc-core 4.8.19 defect new 07/03/17
#3835 Cannot ssh to Android when running sshd mc-vfs 4.8.18 defect new 07/07/17
#3837 cd does not work in menu mc-core master defect new 07/08/17
#3848 mc dropped path when try open NFS mount point from Windows 2012 mc-core master defect new 08/15/17
#3859 Rotating dash generates way too much output mc-core master defect new 09/24/17
#1 savannah: mc's built-in samba library is out of date mc-vfs 4.6.1 enhancement slavazanko accepted 12/24/08
#32 savannah: mc doesn't clean up tempfiles mc-vfs master enhancement assigned 12/25/08
#67 savannah: x selection in editor mcedit master enhancement assigned 12/26/08
#83 savannah: editor needs read-only mode mcedit 4.7.1 enhancement assigned 12/26/08
#112 savannah: Issues with Batch Operations mc-core 4.6.1 enhancement new 01/02/09
#114 [FrReq] hide dotfiles in home directory mc-core 4.6.1 enhancement new 01/02/09
#197 Generic handling for built-in commands mc-core master enhancement new 01/16/09
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