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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#4176 Syntax highlighting for openHAB mcedit master enhancement new 01/17/21
#4256 [PATCH] Panel scrollbars + prettier scrollbars in dialogs mc-core master enhancement new 06/24/21
#4265 A keyboard shortcut for selecting files AND directories mc-core master enhancement new 07/27/21
#4355 Remember selections when exiting a directory mc-core master enhancement new 03/22/22
#4514 Open all marked files in a panel in mceditor mc-core master enhancement new 12/04/23
#1561 Help for editor dialogs documentation master task andrew_b reopened 08/23/09
#1645 Avoid static char arrays in functions mc-core master task new 09/28/09
#3469 Change listbox's navigtion '0'-'9' to '1'-'9','0' mc-core master task new 05/17/15
#3664 Don't hardcode keys (+, -, \, *, X-enter) mc-key-bindings master task new 07/18/16
#417 Mailfs Bugs/Patches mc-vfs master defect new 06/18/09
#1976 unifying some declarations in src dir mc-core master defect new 01/24/10
#2999 mcedit doesn't handle ZWNJ correctly. mcedit master defect new 04/08/13
#3726 Fix doc about 'default' fg/bg color documentation master defect new 11/14/16
#3778 No help for "History-query" documentation master defect new 02/27/17
#3871 extfs uace broken with unace-nonfree 2.5-9 on xubuntu 17.10 mc-vfs master defect new 10/28/17
#4146 "Quick cd" doesn't follow window resizes mc-core master defect new 11/17/20
#4238 uzip doesn't properly handle zip archives with backward slashes mc-vfs master defect new 05/07/21
#4241 MC can't work with a zip file mc-vfs master defect new 05/13/21
#4247 Cannot go up a level when an upper directory has been deleted mc-core master defect new 05/23/21
#2007 key binding to insert the name of the current file prefixed by ./ if it's executable mc-core master enhancement new 02/05/10
#2011 Warning at the entrance to the archive mc-vfs master enhancement new 02/07/10
#2190 Add LFTP-like HTTP filesystem to VFS mc-vfs master enhancement new 05/12/10
#2191 Add some user-friendly way to play music (eg.: using mplayer) mc-core master enhancement new 05/12/10
#2282 force utf option mc-tty master enhancement reopened 07/15/10
#2314 Freedesktop standard .desktop entry for Midnight Commander mc-core master enhancement andrew_b accepted 08/20/10
#2363 Make mc accessible for visually-impaired screen-reader users mc-core master enhancement new 09/25/10
#2414 CmdLink should provide some defaults mc-core master enhancement reopened 11/09/10
#2666 FR: Start detached (has patch inside) mc-core master enhancement new 11/06/11
#2719 Conditional sort mc-core master enhancement reopened 01/24/12
#2721 Hotkey to toggle 'Hide none' mc-core master enhancement new 01/24/12
#2850 SCTP protocol support mc-vfs master enhancement new 07/19/12
#2929 Cooledit enhancements: ldif.syntax and schema.syntax for OpenLDAP files hightlightigs mcedit master enhancement new 11/17/12
#2931 Add the Colorer engine as an alternative to MC's internal highlighting engine mcedit master enhancement new 11/18/12
#3046 listing contents of directory without eXecute permission mc-core master enhancement new 07/23/13
#3062 IPYTHON subshell mc-core master enhancement new 08/26/13
#3290 [patch] Universal unpacking mc-core master enhancement new 10/18/14
#3442 File compression with xz in mc.menu mc-core master enhancement new 04/10/15
#3585 improvement in lib/widget/widget-common/release_hotkey mc-core master enhancement new 01/17/16
#3727 Information that appears on info panel mc-core master enhancement new 11/17/16
#3755 Fix emacs keymap mc-key-bindings master enhancement zaytsev accepted 01/11/17
#4026 Better accessible quick search mc-core master enhancement new 10/25/19
#4028 Change ISO processing to p7zip mc-vfs master enhancement new 11/04/19
#4040 Debian sources.list syntax should apply to all files with .list extension mcedit master enhancement new 12/05/19
#4079 icon for mc mc-core master enhancement new 05/05/20
#4439 Suggestions mc-core master enhancement new 02/09/23
#2234 Use mc events instead of mc hooks mc-core master task new 06/07/10
#4352 syntax file for bitbake recipe file mcedit master task new 03/22/22

version not selected (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1984 something like syntax.d for highlighting mc-core version not selected defect new 01/29/10
#2030 Feature request: unix pipe as VFS. mc-core version not selected enhancement new 02/15/10
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