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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#3845 replace brightblue in syntax files mcedit master defect new 08/01/17
#3858 Rotating dash location not updated after initial resize mc-core master defect new 09/24/17
#3866 building as root breaks the tests tests master defect new 10/01/17
#3891 When nothing is typed for macro %{some text} in a user menu entry, the rest of the script is not run mc-core master defect new 12/21/17
#3912 Update xls2csv usage since it's called with invalid parameters mc-core master defect new 04/10/18
#3934 extfs.d/uzip should ignore unzip exit code mc-vfs master defect new 08/22/18
#3970 No help for "File exists" dialog documentation master defect new 02/17/19
#4021 mc term title not restored after subshell or external editor mc-core master defect new 09/29/19
#4164 Cannot bind Alt-/ nor Shift-Tab for [listbox] mc-core master defect new 12/31/20
#4172 Input line history doesn't keep space-only items mc-core master defect new 01/11/21
#4190 mc-wrapper.sh.in should not (test "$MC_PWD" != "$PWD") mc-core master defect new 01/28/21
#4451 extended ACLs are not copied (copy, move) mc-core master defect reopened 03/17/23
#4475 MC cannot view .docx files mc-core master defect new 06/19/23
#4491 `learn keys` dialog has rough edges mc-key-bindings master defect new 08/15/23
#4495 Core:test_path_length:3 test failure when linked against musl tests master defect new 08/20/23
#3 savannah: VFS optimization request mc-vfs master enhancement new 12/24/08
#18 savannah: extend instead of removing selection mcedit master enhancement new 12/25/08
#28 savannah: syntax highlighting in viewer wanted mcview master enhancement new 12/25/08
#88 savannah: Integration of SMB-Share-Browsing mc-vfs master enhancement new 12/26/08
#231 Initial Friendly Interactive SHell support mc-core master enhancement assigned 02/01/09
#1449 Tail -f like viewer/viewing of files mc-core master enhancement new 08/03/09
#1493 #sh should start in the user's remote home dir, consistently with rsh/ssh mc-vfs master enhancement assigned 08/07/09
#1633 New syntax and extension configuration mc-config-ini master enhancement new 09/21/09
#1640 descript.ion support mc-core master enhancement new 09/25/09
#1737 editor(viewer?): add support for forcing file charset as commandline option mc-core master enhancement new 10/26/09
#1745 Add editor options also to main Options menu mc-core master enhancement new 10/27/09
#1801 left/right arrow behavior inconsistent with "Cursor beyond end of line" mcedit master enhancement reopened 11/07/09
#1907 F5/F6 append filename to path in "to:" input mc-core master enhancement assigned 12/27/09
#2015 Create destination directory when moving file to non-existent directory mc-core master enhancement new 02/10/10
#2047 Add an option "Don't traverse mounted file systems" for "File find" mc-core master enhancement new 02/21/10
#2089 diff via "File exists" dialog mc-core master enhancement new 03/06/10
#2109 Vertical lines on the mc panels do not properly stick into the bottom line mc-core master enhancement new 03/17/10
#2130 mcedit default indentation settings cause mixture of tabs and spaces mcedit master enhancement new 04/04/10
#2156 Run editor from viewer mcview master enhancement assigned 04/27/10
#2176 Safe delete improvement mc-core master enhancement new 05/06/10
#2207 tree view: hidden subdirectories mc-core master enhancement assigned 05/21/10
#2208 tree view: unfolding hidden subdirectories mc-core master enhancement assigned 05/21/10
#2209 tree view: speed up detection of subdirectories mc-core master enhancement assigned 05/21/10
#2210 tree view: display symlinked directories mc-core master enhancement assigned 05/21/10
#2211 tree view: forget everything but this mc-core master enhancement assigned 05/21/10
#2214 tree view: folding/collapsing makes tree_navigation_flag less useful mc-core master enhancement assigned 05/22/10
#2215 tree view: unfold recursively mc-core master enhancement assigned 05/22/10
#2217 tree view: to consider - making clickable hot spots in tree view mc-core master enhancement assigned 05/22/10
#2218 tree view: add mouse scroll support mc-core master enhancement assigned 05/22/10
#2240 Background jobs queue (aka: file copy queue) mc-core master enhancement new 06/14/10
#2268 Output to stderr should be captured on run and displayed as pop-up (configurable) mc-core master enhancement assigned 07/10/10
#2308 Consolidate regular expressions in Syntax file and rewrite introductory comments mcedit master enhancement zaytsev new 08/11/10
#2346 Sync PHP syntax highlighting with up do date language keywords mcedit master enhancement zaytsev accepted 09/11/10
#2352 [feature request] display most unique part of filename, if panel width is too short mc-core master enhancement new 09/15/10
#2371 show current lines in viewer mcview master enhancement slavazanko accepted 10/01/10
#2403 Make it possible to define disabled field background color in skins mc-skin master enhancement assigned 10/28/10
#2468 Preserve extended attributes while copy mc-core master enhancement new 01/09/11
#2505 EditShiftBlockLeft/EditShiftBlockRight should operate with vertical blocks mcedit master enhancement new 02/18/11
#2644 [PATCH] editor enhancements mcedit master enhancement slavazanko accepted 10/23/11
#2699 select only name without extension when renaming mc-core master enhancement new 12/21/11
#2700 Default extract method of compressed files mc-core master enhancement new 12/21/11
#2727 Mark files to begin/end mc-core master enhancement new 02/05/12
#2809 ftpfs should respect home user directory mc-vfs master enhancement new 05/17/12
#2837 Home and End key definitions mc-tty master enhancement new 06/29/12
#2928 Indicate read only mode for directories mc-core master enhancement new 11/16/12
#2982 better support for matroska/webm files mc-core master enhancement new 03/16/13
#3042 Bottom bar labels should adapt to width change better mc-core master enhancement new 07/15/13
#3139 undo grouping should be more intelligent mcedit master enhancement new 01/05/14
#3163 Several improvements in editor saving behavior mcedit master enhancement new 01/27/14
#3166 Selection of Multiple Adjacent Files/Directories mc-core master enhancement new 02/05/14
#3169 Additional Appearance options mc-skin master enhancement new 02/11/14
#3186 Base64 and Quoted-Printable decode mcview master enhancement new 03/16/14
#3193 mtp plugin mc-vfs master enhancement new 04/08/14
#3195 "Goto Line" dialog: goto line:column mcedit master enhancement new 04/11/14
#3199 option to show long operation progress in xterm window title mc-core master enhancement new 04/20/14
#3206 Option to skip corrupted files automatically mc-core master enhancement new 05/02/14
#3227 Quick cd autocomplete change bevavior. mc-core master enhancement new 06/22/14
#3356 More ways to define key sequences mc-tty master enhancement new 12/04/14
#3367 Add support .editorconfig in mcedit mcedit master enhancement new 12/07/14
#3396 Port help viewer to new viewer engine mc-core master enhancement new 02/01/15
#3436 [patch] support multiple programs to view given file mc-core master enhancement new 04/03/15
#3450 Quickly tag many adjacent files mc-core master enhancement new 04/15/15
#3488 Extend PanelOtherSync action in Panelize mode to show selected filename in other panel mc-core master enhancement new 06/25/15
#3533 mcedit: Ctrl+E (go to end of line) and Ctrl+A (go to start of line) shortcuts mcedit master enhancement new 10/06/15
#3546 mcview: dim wrapped lines mcview master enhancement new 11/04/15
#3602 Make it possible to localize of user menus mc-core master enhancement new 03/06/16
#3604 MC menu files enhanced cmdline for entering VFS? mc-core master enhancement new 03/11/16
#3628 screen library: ncurses vs ncursesw compilation master enhancement new 03/29/16
#3685 Add hotkey support to labels and groupboxes mc-core master enhancement new 09/05/16
#3713 Extend info panel with output of external program mc-core master enhancement new 11/03/16
#3719 Options: Weird keyboard navigation over radiobuttons mc-core master enhancement new 11/05/16
#3733 Add the 'ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES' section to the manual page documentation master enhancement new 11/29/16
#3748 mksh as a subshell mc-core master enhancement new 12/28/16
#3756 Add a new %macro which expands to full names of tagged files mc-core master enhancement new 01/11/17
#3759 mcdiff color weirdnesses mcdiff master enhancement new 01/21/17
#3889 Chage base execution behavior mc-core master enhancement new 12/14/17
#3909 Enhancement: support includes for user menu mc-config-ini master enhancement new 04/09/18
#3925 implement submenus in user menu (f2) mc-core master enhancement new 07/07/18
#3939 some simple additions to mc.ext mc-core master enhancement new 10/02/18
#3950 Mass create (sym)links mc-core master enhancement new 11/11/18
#3959 Display "NNN files and MMM folders selected out of TTT total files and YYY total folders" mc-core master enhancement new 01/08/19
#3981 [PATCH] sh.syntax: Allow for indented 'function' highlighting mcedit master enhancement andrew_b reopened 04/25/19
#3989 Invoking 'mc' while MC is already running should open the existing instance mc-core master enhancement new 05/25/19
#4042 Symlink ownership mc-core master enhancement new 12/06/19
#4043 Make MC interruptible mc-vfs master enhancement new 12/09/19
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