Ticket #3989 (new enhancement)

Opened 5 years ago

Invoking 'mc' while MC is already running should open the existing instance

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I'm using MC for many many years - this is my everyday tool in Unix/OSX, but I'm still forgetting whether I'm in MC already or not (i.e. when being in subshell mode - Ctrl-O/CMD-O). I even updated prompt to state whether I'm under MC or not, but still it happens to me a lot that my hands write 'mc' and boom, I'm asked to quit or run another instance.

I think that 'mc' when invoked inside subshell should just open/bring back the original instance (this behavior might be configurable). Of course I'm not sure if it is possible, since the magic behind Ctrl/CMD-O that brings mc back is still kind of a magic to me :)

The other enhancement would be to have a marker that 'you are under mc subshell' - as I mentioned above I did that for myself via custom prompt, but maybe there's some hackery to display 'MC' somewhere in the corner? This is especially useful when you ssh somewhere and do mc there, then Ctrl/CMD-O brings mc from source machine.

I think those enhancements would be very useful.

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