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Midnight Commander 4.8.23

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Major changes since 4.8.22


  • Modify "File exists" query dialog (#3935):
    • change layout
    • rename "Update" button to "If older"
    • add new "If smaller" button": overwrite file with smaller one
    • add "Don't overwrite with zero length file" checkbox



  • Expanded syntax highlighting rules (#3975):
    • expanded file name regexp for sh.syntax
    • use ini.syntax for systemd cofiguration files


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  • Code cleanup (#3955)
  • Use Geeqie (a fork of GQview) as main image viewer, fallback to GQview (#3962)
  • File highlighting updates (#3966)
    • .go, .s: highlight as source
    • .m4v: highlighting as media
  • New skins:
    • featured-plus: featured skin with alternative directory and file select/mark colors (#3973)


  • Compilation fail on AIX (#3960)
  • Incorrect file version sort (#3965, #3905)
  • Cannot shell, or FTP, or SFTP link when the file panel is tree, or info, or quick view (#3948)
  • Improper use of IEC and SI prefixes for size (#3666)
  • Incorrect include/editor order in mc.ext (#3965)
  • mcedit: incorrect C/C++ syntax highlighting in some cases (#3487)