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Midnight Commander 4.7.3

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Major changes since 4.7.2


  • Mult-screen feature: support of many opened editors and viewers (#1490)
  • Reorganization of menu and configuration dialogs. More options are available in UI (#320)
  • Mark of text in input fields is available now, DEL removes selected/unchanged text (#2161, #2228)
  • Now copy/move dialog shows the full path with file name in the field "to:" (#1907)
  • Removed hardcoded shortcuts in dialog.c (#212)
  • Added new actions for panels: PanelMarkFileUp and PanelMarkFileDown (#2021)
  • Added new capability to create relative symlinks: menu item and "C-x v" default shortcut (#2042)
  • Now we can use external utility to copy/paste text to X clipboard (#30)
  • Cursor is hidden in menu and listboxes (#1771)
  • All hotkeys in MC (in menu, checkboxes, etc) in the middle of a word are in the lowercase now (#2168)
  • Use system realpath(3) function if available (#1911)
  • GLib deprecated functions are not used (#2085, #2249)


  • Unified charset list is used in core and in VFS (#2203)
  • All hardcoded FISH scripts are moved out from fish.c to external scripts (see for more info) (#2242)


  • Added highlighting for HTTPS URLs in SPEC files (#1446)


  • Changed main URL for bug reports (#2025)
  • man2hlp: completely rewritten in Perl (#45)
  • Skin updates:
  • Removed leading and trailing spaces in i18n'd resources (#1646)
  • Code cleanups (#2243)
  • Translation updates


  • AC_TRY_RUN macro breaks crosscompile (#1959)
  • "mc -e" and "mc -v" modes don't work (#2187)
  • Buttonbar mouse clicks are off (#2199)
  • Incorrect calculation of autocompletion window width (#2192)
  • Incorrect button locations in common input dialogs (#2115)
  • Oversized dialog backgrounds are not painted in NCurses-based MC (#2157)
  • Incorrect colors of directory tree (#2212)
  • Info panel is initially filled too late (#2226)
  • Quick search is not correctly interrupted in some cases (#2174)
  • Segfault in standalone editor and viewer (#2178)
  • Broken codeset autodetection in editor and viewer (#1838)
  • Viewer segfaults trying open a compressed man page file (#2236)
  • Edit crashes while opening some incorrect files (#2183)
  • Editor hangup if editor_tab_spacing equals to 0 (#2196)
  • Editor shows dots instead of letters if source_codepage is set to "No translation" (#2248)
  • Editor goes to endless loop when trying to replace the \n regexp with any substring (#2231)
  • Editor: in some cases the copy/move operation in multi-byte text is wrong (#2153)
  • Crash on search in viewer after Parsed/Raw? switching (#2195)
  • Diff viewer crashes if tab size equals to 0 (#2182)