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Midnight Commander 4.7.0-pre3

Released at 2009 oct 02.

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Major changes since 4.7.0-pre2


  • removed own popt stuff (command line options parser). Now used glib parser
  • added feature for filenames highlighting in panels
  • Copy/Move? overwrite query dialog is more friendly for long file names
  • at first run find file dialog now contain latest item from history
  • charset support enabled by default (--enable-charset option)
  • added support of skins
  • added support of key bindings


  • fixed recognize of tar.xz archives
  • added recognize of lzma archives by extention


  • 'Save as' dialog enhancement: select line break type: Windows/UNIX/Mac (CR LF/LF/CR)
  • syntax hightlighting updated: VerilogHDL, Shell script
  • Added syntax highlighting for *.repo files of yum
  • Added syntax highlighting of pacman's PKGBUILD and .install files



  • hotlist: support for environment variables ($HOME, ~username, etc.)
  • hotlist: support for completion in path input
  • all list widgets: support for fast navigation by number keys (i.e. 1 - first list item, 2 - second)


  • segfault on incorrect color pair in [Color] section
  • incorrect position of panel codeset dialog
  • limit of 9 digits for of file size display
  • lines drawing in -a stickchars mode (#1497)
  • segfault when you try to use non-anonymous FTP
  • Ctrl-O handling under GNU Screen in altscreen mode
  • support of CP866 (IBM866) locale
  • checking for minimal version of glib and exit if version less than 2.6
  • segfault by mouse wheel action in history list and menu (#1564)
  • Fixed behvior with Meta+PgDn? in editor (#1598)
  • Fixed behvior with cursor movement by Ctrl+arrows when cursor besides EOL (#1599)
  • Fixed editor autocompleting
  • Fixed Copy/Move? dialogs steal Kill Word shortcut
  • Fixed autoconf issue when configure with --with-gpm-mouse option (#1419)