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andrew_b (3 matches)

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#1952 mc cd foo.tar#utar does not handle POSIX ustar archives, only GNU tar vendor-specific/legacy ones mc-vfs Future Releases defect 01/10/10

Hi, please see http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/utilities/pax.html#tag_20_92_13_06 for the specification of the POSIX ustar interchange format. GNU cpio (-Hustar), paxtar, and GNU tar --format=ustar all create archives of this format; bsdtar probably does as well. However, I cannot cd#utar or “Enter” them in both mc-4.6.1-16 (MirPorts?) and mc_3:4.7.0-1 (Debian sid). After looking at tar.c I think you only support the legacy or vendor-specific/proprietary GNU tar archive format. The new boot floppies of MirBSD as of today are ustar archives, with the bootsector squeezed into an ustar header and closely following the standard. Introspection would be nice.

#3375 Lower [hardlink]'s precedence mc-config-ini 4.8.27 defect 12/10/14

On my system I noticed that sometimes files (pictures, vids) aren't colored according to their types:


...as seen here, some 'png' files and one 'flv' aren't colored. It turns out that these files have 2 or more links pointing to them (see the "nlink" column in the screenshot). I don't know why these files have 2 links. It happens to be an NTFS partition. Maybe it's not uncommon there to find such things.

Now, look at filehighlight.ini:


"[hardlink]" comes before "[graph]", which is why (I think) it gets precedence.

So I think we should move the [hardlink] section to the bottom of the file. Why? It demands too much cognitive effort of the user to have colors serve two different purposes (indicating either filesystem-type or application-type). Unless hardlinks are shown in *very* distinctive colors (something no default skin does), common users won't "get" them.

#2314 Freedesktop standard .desktop entry for Midnight Commander mc-core Future Releases enhancement 08/20/10

It would be nice if Midnight Commander would appear in menu's by default. This version I've attached is per latest Freedesktop.org menu-spec standard ( http://standards.freedesktop.org )

  1. Install this file:


To path:


  1. Install attached file, "MidnightCommander?.desktop":

To path:


angel_il (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#2597 Add support for shift-f#, alt-f#, ctrl-f# hotkeys mc-core Future Releases enhancement 08/22/11

Some terminal descriptors (e.g. TERM=gnome for gnome-terminal, etc) contain many extra descriptors for modificator+f# hotkeys, compared to 'simple' terminal descriptions like xterm: F1..F12 (kf1-kf12), Shift+F1..Shift+F12 (kf13-kf24), Ctrl+F1..Ctrl+F12 (kf25-kf36), Shift+Ctrl+F1..Shift+Ctrl+F12 (kf37..kf48), Alt+F1..Alt+F12 (kf49..kf60), Alt+Shift+F1..Alt+Shift+F3 (kf61..kf63) (see also infocmp -1 -I gnome).

However, I cannot use these hotkeys in /etc/mc/mc.keymap neither as 'alt-f7' or as f55, for example.

It would be nice to support somehow these extra hotkeys, at least as 'f##' if not as modifier-f#.

This would allow to set up Alt+F7 as an alternative key for file searching, which will ease the life of those who migrates from Windows/FAR, for example.

mooffie (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#3767 Document the left/right menu panelize command documentation Future Releases defect 01/27/17

I can't find any information in the internal help, or man page, or wiki, about the "Panelize" command in the "Left" or "Right" menu.

I suspect this is related to the (well documented) "External panelize" command, but when I select it, I'm left clueless with an empty panel. Now what?

slavazanko (12 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1 savannah: mc's built-in samba library is out of date mc-vfs Future Releases enhancement 12/24/08

Original: http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?5142

Submitted by:Michał Januszewski <spock>Submitted on:08 Sep 2003 14:20:05
Category:VFSSeverity:3 - Normal
Assigned to:NoneOpen/Closed:Open
Release:4.6.0Operating System:All

Original submission:

The mc's built-in samba library which is used to access data across
smb links is taken from an old samba version. This can cause 
problems since things change as time goes on. For example - current 
samba version supports something like: "interface = eth1" in 
smb.conf, the version included in mc does not. This leads to calling
 gethostname("eth1") 3 times at startup (on my box). Recently I have
 had some problems with the DNS servers I use. I had to wait 3 
minutes (!) before mc started because it tried to resolve "eth1" (2 
times ) and "ETH1" (which of course wasn't possible because of the 
DNS server failure).

I have created this patch for mc:
(sorry to put it on an external site but since it's almost 600kb, I 
didn't want to upload it here). It updates mc's samba libraries to 
2.2.8a. By doing so it automatically fixes another problem - namely,
 with current vesions of libcap an error (redefinition of struct 
statfs) occurs while building mc.

Comment 1 by Pavel Roskin <proski> at Mon 05 Dec 2005 02:06:15 AM UTC:

We'll have this problem as long as mc uses Samba configuration 
files. Every time Samba changes the format of its configuration 
files, mc will have to be upgraded (not just recompiled).

I see two solutions:

1) Use libsmbclient. This way, upgrading Samba will upgrade the 
client library, and mc will recognize new configuration.

2) Don't use Samba configuration files in mc. Use a separate 
configuration file or store all configuration in ~/.mc/ini

I would prefer that we at least try to use libsmbclient, and if it 
doesn't work, let's report it to Samba maintainers. This way, 
libsmbclient will be ready for mc some day.

Comment 2 by Sorin Sbarnea <sorin> at Wed 30 Jul 2008 05:56:11 PM UTC:

I wonder why this wasn't solved in 5 years. It's quite common and 
makes mc unusable. The average timeout is ~1 minute.

#1483 Panel scrollbar mc-core Future Releases enhancement 08/06/09

The following patch adds a primitive scroll indicator to the file panels. It will display only on the active panel, and only if necessary.

Attached patch (against 4.7.0-pre1) does this.

#1488 Mountpoint selector mc-core Future Releases enhancement 08/06/09

A nice feature of Advanced Midnight Commander mc-4.1.x-MP by Olegarch was the mountpoint selector. I ported it back to MC. Very useful, especially in conjunction with automounters for USB sticks, CDs, etc.

F11 (Shift-F1) and F12 (Shift-F2) will display the mountpoints selectors for each panel.

Patch (against 4.7.0-pre1) attached.

#1581 Tabs or tab equivalent proposed mc-core Future Releases enhancement 09/03/09

Many users has expirience with tabbed applications like firefox and support for tabs in mc can be usefull.

Please describe your opinion about topic.

What use case you see for tabs? How it should looks like? Should it be clickable tabs like firefox/vim, or buffers like emacs/far manager?

andre> i don't know emacs/far manager - but i like the tabs in vim, however - buffers in vim are awesom, too

#2979 More user friendly bookmark management mcedit Future Releases enhancement 03/14/13

It will be nice, if user can:

  • remove bookmarks individualy
  • show up a bookmark list to select and remove bookmarks (like directory hotlist in filemanager)

#3100 Embedded torrent viewer/vfs mc-vfs Future Releases enhancement 10/18/13

Currently ext.d viewer for torrent is partially broken since ctorrent is used and it broken in most distributions (http://sourceforge.net/p/dtorrent/bugs/21/).

Attached patch adds viewer and vfs support based on script found here: http://phdru.name/Software/mc/torrent

#1875 [METATICKET] Change user configuration mc-config-ini Future Releases task 12/15/09
  1. Move user mc configuration into ~/.config/mc in according with FDO standard (#1851).
  2. Split [Midnight-Commander] section to several sections.
  3. Store options of all dialogs (as possible) in config (#1572, #1874)

#2151 Odd behavior when opening ZIP file that contains the same file twice mc-vfs Future Releases defect 04/22/10

Forwarded from Debian: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=347738

From: Marco Herrn <marco@mherrn.de>
To: Debian Bug Tracking System <submit@bugs.debian.org>
Subject: when opening zip file that contains the same file twice, mc behaves oddly
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 13:09:43 +0100

When a zip file contains a file with the same path and name more than
once, mc doesn't display all the information.

For example the bribblebox from bribble.com (available from
contains a Java Archive File (jar) which is in fact a zipfile with a
specific structure (The jarfile is
bribble-1.5.35/server/bribble-1_5_35.jar). This archive contains the
file META-INF/MANIFEST.MF twice. (Of course this is wrong and the
jar-file can be considered broken).

These two MANIFEST.MF files have different content, so they can be
distinguished. When opening this file in mc, there are two META-INF
directories, each of which contains two MANIFEST.MF files. When
viewing these MANIFEST.MF files (via F3), all four show the content of
the same one.

It would be of course better, if mc would display only one META-INF
directory with two MANIFEST.MF files. And viewing them should of
course display the correct contents, not the same content for both.

I hope I made the problem clear. It can be easily reproduced by
downloading the above mentioned tar.bz2, unpacking it and viewing the
jar-file in mc. To view the actual contents, the unzip tool can be
used, for example 'unzip -l bribble-1.5.35/server/bribble-1_5_35.jar'


I would have fixed this bug, but I don't know Perl :-( I think that duplicate directories should be trivial to filter, but I am not sure of what to do with duplicate files.

If you give them the same name, then the VFS will not able to tell which one to show. If you give them different name it's not obvious that these files are duplicate.

Maybe give them different names like with a special character that can not occur in the filenames? Then it's quite obvious that there's something wrong with the archive.


#2657 SEGV when loading directory hotlist during startup mc-core Future Releases defect 10/30/11

during the startup of mc you can press ctrl+\ for the directory hotlist. when mc is not already 'in memory' eg filecache and not visible yet the application is closed with a SEGV signal.


type mc\n press ctrl+\

received result: Segmentation Fault

expected result: started with the directory hotlist visible

workarround: type mc again

so far i was not able to debug this problem because it seems like a race condition (keys are received before curses are loaded) and most of the time mc loads faster than i am able to press 'ctrl+\'. situations when this bug occurs are

  • a fresh reboot
  • memory swapped out
  • heavy load
  • io wait for nfs/sshfs shares

this problem has been persistent in the last years between 4.5 and 4.7, unless the startup sequence is changed it should be persistent in the current versions too

$ mc --version GNU Midnight Commander Built with GLib 2.28.8 Using the ncurses library With builtin Editor With subshell support as default With support for background operations With mouse support on xterm and Linux console With support for X11 events With internationalization support With multiple codepages support Virtual File Systems: cpiofs, tarfs, sfs, extfs, ext2undelfs, ftpfs, fish Data types: char: 8; int: 32; long: 64; void *: 64; size_t: 64; off_t: 64;

#2830 Bash subshell history not written on exit mc-core Future Releases defect 06/17/12

Since Bash 4.2, closing with any signal will not cause it to write the command history. This is intended, see: http://www.mail-archive.com/bug-bash@gnu.org/msg08850.html

The consequence is that leaving MC via F10 will make a Bash subshell forget its history, whereas leaving MC via "exit" in the subshell will work as expected.

This is obviously not MC's fault, but still a regression and very annoying.

My suggestion is to change "exit_subshell()" to actually issue the "exit" command to the subshell. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar enough with MC's internals to assess if that suggestion is viable.

#2371 show current lines in viewer mcview Future Releases enhancement 10/01/10

its usefull to show current viewing lines in viewer, for example like: (727-774)/1511

#2644 [PATCH] editor enhancements mcedit Future Releases enhancement 10/23/11

Please find attached the patch referred to in this 4.8.0 discussion [ru]: http://www.opennet.ru/openforum/vsluhforumID3/80882.html#33 http://www.opennet.ru/openforum/vsluhforumID3/80882.html#182

It's neither authored nor edited by me (in fact I find some constants tasteless) but provided here in hope that the code or the idea will be useful.

zaytsev (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1685 Missing support for archives with encrypted headers (rar, 7z and probably more) mc-vfs Future Releases defect 10/09/09

If rar archive is packed with option '-hp' midnight commander stalls on open attempt of such archive. The only workaround is to do: killall rar (if F3 was pressed) killall unrar (if Enter was pressed) After killing the rar/unrar process the "enter password ..." prompt is shown which is left from rar-process. For testing purposes it is necessary to create archive with the following sample command: $ rar a test_archive.rar * -hpmypassword

#2088 "Show directory sizes" usability regression versus 4.6.x mc-core Future Releases defect 03/06/10

I upgraded to 4.7.1 from 4.6.2, and I noticed this huge (for me) usability regression regarding "Show directory sizes" feature.

It seems that it was changed to show only the current directory size (like if you selected it in previous versions), and to show the sizes of all directories you have to scroll all the way to the top and do it on the ".." entry.

This presents a huge usability regression. Consider the following:

I want to traverse a huge directory, one screenful of directories at a time, selecting the large ones (for example), and copying them to some other directory.

Previously, I would just f9-c-i, then select some directories, copy them, then f9-c-i again (because any action clears the sizes), select some more directories, etc...

Now I have to f9-c-i, select them, copy them, remember where I was (and I can't even select the directory I was on because it screws up the f9-c-i feature), scroll all the way to the top, press f9-c-i, then find the directory I was looking at (in a huge list of directories), and do the same each time mc clears the size fields. This clearly breaks the whole workflow.

This is especially a big pain when working with different mc versions on different servers (the alt-o change was already bad enough). So please, instead of changing the behavior of existing features, consider adding new shortcuts for the new ones and/or configuration options for them.

#2323 syntax hightlighting rule order bogus mcedit Future Releases defect 08/26/10

opening the file makefile.cpp in the editor causes it to be highlighted with Makefile syntax instead of C++ syntax.

the fix is checking the extension rules first.

#2346 Sync PHP syntax highlighting with up do date language keywords mcedit Future Releases enhancement 09/11/10
  • Add OOP keywords (interface, implements, try/catch etc)
  • Add predefined exceptions (Exception etc)
  • Add predefined interfaces (Iterator etc)
  • Add std JSON functions (json_encode etc)
  • Add minor std keywords missing in highlight file

Attached diff was made over official v4.7.4 release

#3742 Update to the comments at the start of mc.ext mc-core Future Releases enhancement 12/11/16

I would like to propose using the attached file at the start of the mc.ext file. Changes include:

  • Update the formatting to put keywords, their description, and additional comments on lines by themselves, following established conventions used by man pages
  • Remove references to version 3.0 (version 4.0 was released nearly twenty years ago)
  • Use "i.e." (Latin, "id est", or "that is") and "e.g." ("example") as appropriate
  • Update the English in many places

#3755 Fix emacs keymap mc-key-bindings Future Releases enhancement 01/11/17

It will be more consistent with emacs if the ctrl-w was mapped to cut(currently it is mapped to remove for mc dialogs).

Note: See TracReports for help on using and creating reports.