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andrew_b (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#4213 mc crashes on startup with subshell support as default in Freebsd mc-core Future Releases defect 02/25/21
#4258 Wrong subshell prompt parsing with fish 3.3.0 mc-core Future Releases defect 06/30/21
#4424 Cannot enter into extfs archive with file(s) in the parent directory mc-vfs Future Releases defect 01/07/23
#2314 Freedesktop standard .desktop entry for Midnight Commander mc-core Future Releases enhancement 08/20/10

mooffie (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#3767 Document the left/right menu panelize command documentation Future Releases defect 01/27/17

slavazanko (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1483 Panel scrollbar mc-core Future Releases enhancement 08/06/09
#1488 Mountpoint selector mc-core Future Releases enhancement 08/06/09
#1581 Tabs or tab equivalent proposed mc-core Future Releases enhancement 09/03/09
#2979 More user friendly bookmark management mcedit Future Releases enhancement 03/14/13
#3100 Embedded torrent viewer/vfs mc-vfs Future Releases enhancement 10/18/13
#1875 [METATICKET] Change user configuration mc-config-ini Future Releases task 12/15/09
#2151 Odd behavior when opening ZIP file that contains the same file twice mc-vfs Future Releases defect 04/22/10
#2657 SEGV when loading directory hotlist during startup mc-core Future Releases defect 10/30/11
#2830 Bash subshell history not written on exit mc-core Future Releases defect 06/17/12
#2371 show current lines in viewer mcview Future Releases enhancement 10/01/10
#2644 [PATCH] editor enhancements mcedit Future Releases enhancement 10/23/11

zaytsev (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#4170 Move CI from Travis to GitHub Actions adm 4.8.32 enhancement 01/10/21
#1685 Missing support for archives with encrypted headers (rar, 7z and probably more) mc-vfs Future Releases defect 10/09/09
#2088 "Show directory sizes" usability regression versus 4.6.x mc-core Future Releases defect 03/06/10
#2323 syntax hightlighting rule order bogus mcedit Future Releases defect 08/26/10
#3904 s3 vfs is broken mc-vfs Future Releases defect 03/05/18
#3960 MC 4.8.22 doesn't compile on AIX 7.2 mc-core 4.8.32 defect 01/10/19
#4542 Timestamps with nanosecond precision support is broken on macOS mc-vfs 4.8.32 defect 05/21/24
#2346 Sync PHP syntax highlighting with up do date language keywords mcedit Future Releases enhancement 09/11/10
#3755 Fix emacs keymap mc-key-bindings Future Releases enhancement 01/11/17
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