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Midnight Commander 4.8.29

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Major changes since 4.8.28


  • Add more options for panel filter (#1373):
    • "Files only" (#4209)
    • "Case sensitive" (#4334)
    • "Using shell patterns"
  • Continue copy after interrupt (#4409)
  • Restore menu accelerator for "Sort order": back to "S"; change menu accelerator for "SFTP link" to "N" (#4373)
  • Add support for cross-compilation with PERL path different between --build and --host (#4399)
  • Bootstrap with autotools providing direct support for Apple M1
  • Port mc.ext to INI format and rename to mc.ext.ini (#4141, #3742, #3191)
    • Implement compound (AND) conditions (Type/Shell? and Type/Regex? pairs) to disambiguate overloaded extensions
    • There is no fallback to previous mc.ext format



  • Change location of all user's syntax related stuff to ~/.local/share/mc/syntax/ directory (#4413)
  • syntax/Syntax: document location of syntax files (#4320)
  • Improvements of syntax highlighting:
    • YAML: improve multiline blocks highliting (#4059)
  • New syntax highlighting:


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  • Fail to build with only SFTP network VFS is enabled (#4420)
  • Crash on quick view of archives (#4398)
  • Wrong description of --enable-configure-args option (#4400)
  • Wrong version sort (#4374)
  • No subshell if subshell is initializing more than 1 second (#3121)
  • Filter keyboard shortcut only affects left panel (#4383)
  • File type check does not work with special character in filename (#4377)
  • Select files keeping the right mouse button pressed doesn't select all files (#4381)
  • Cannot scroll panel listing upwards using mouse (#4119)
  • "Directory Compare" doesn't correct work with panelization (#3220)
  • Wrong decompressing of zip files in quick view panel (#4404)
  • mc.ext: 'include' keyword (for command class def) have no effect if it was defined before 'Include' keyword (for command def) (#2773)
  • mcedit: infinite loop when deleting a macro (#4391)
  • mcviewer: segfault when switching from raw to parsed mode and back (#4401)
  • Broken handling of zip archives (#4368)
  • FISH subshell: commands don't work after window resize (#4372)
  • FTP VFS: doesn't reconnect to server after timeout (#3670)
  • FISH VFS: cannot remove non-empty directory (#4364)
  • EXTFS VFS: segfault if archive contains file(s) in the parent directory (#4422, #4427)
  • Tests: variable redeclaration in filevercmp_test5 (#4358)