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Milestone (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#2685 "Forgot your password?" does not reset the password adm defect new 12/05/11
#3768 Cannot redefine ctrl-g mc-key-bindings 4.8.18 defect new 02/01/17
#2246 Install and configure Trac <-> email gateway adm task zaytsev new 06/23/10
#2972 Cannot delete account on here, Trac detected an internal error adm defect new 02/26/13
#2147 create a skin repository adm task new 04/19/10
#2655 http://www.gnu.org/s/mc/ must point to this site... adm task new 10/27/11

Milestone 4.7 (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#2104 using subshell makes bash clobber its history with some PS1-related (?) junk mc-core 4.7.1 defect reopened 03/14/10

Milestone 4.8.16 (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#2851 cannot copy file from iso created with mkisofs when Joliet without RockRidge used mc-vfs master defect reopened 07/19/12

Milestone 4.8.23 (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#3955 Prepare for release mc-4.8.23 adm master task zaytsev accepted 12/29/18

Milestone 4.8.24 (17 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1685 Missing support for archives with encrypted headers (rar, 7z and probably more) mc-vfs master defect zaytsev accepted 10/09/09
#3623 mc v.4.8.16 freezes when working via screen/tmux mc-core master defect new 03/17/16
#3654 Broken sftp connection when uploading files to SSHDroid mc-vfs master defect new 06/16/16
#3666 Improper use of IEC and SI prefixes for size in size_trunc()/size_trunc_len() mc-core master defect andrew_b reopened 07/27/16
#3767 Document the left/right menu panelize command documentation master defect mooffie accepted 01/27/17
#3542 [patch] fix /src/editor testsuite failure when ncurses is used mc-core master defect new 10/21/15
#3608 [PATCH] mc.hint: remove duplicate files translations master defect new 03/13/16
#3629 [PATCH] Linking fix for non-default gettext package mc-core master defect zaytsev accepted 04/01/16
#3638 Fix LINGUAS to contain `en@quot*` catalogs translations master defect new 04/30/16
#3912 Update xls2csv usage since it's called with invalid parameters mc-core master defect new 04/10/18
#3934 extfs.d/uzip should ignore unzip exit code mc-vfs master defect new 08/22/18
#3985 Symbolic links modification date is not preserved when copying/moving across file systems mc-core master defect new 05/12/19
#3159 Skin files: fix badly chosen keywords mc-skin 4.8.11 enhancement andrew_b assigned 01/15/14
#3603 Redo version detection in autoconf to use modern practices mc-core master enhancement andrew_b accepted 03/06/16
#3742 Update to the comments at the start of mc.ext mc-core master enhancement zaytsev accepted 12/11/16
#2314 Freedesktop standard .desktop entry for Midnight Commander mc-core master enhancement andrew_b accepted 08/20/10
#3755 Fix emacs keymap mc-key-bindings master enhancement zaytsev accepted 01/11/17

Milestone Future Releases (74 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#3128 dataloss: moving a file and skipping upon problem deletes original file mc-core 4.8.11 defect new 12/20/13
#3197 FTP renaming leads to DATA LOSS mc-vfs 4.8.8 defect new 04/17/14
#2872 incorrect refresh on panel after delete/remove operation mc-core master defect new 08/30/12
#3380 don't work subshell in mcedit (ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS) mcedit 4.8.13 defect new 12/14/14
#3874 Bracketed paste mode turned off by mc mc-core master defect new 11/08/17
#3961 Move over ssh shell will destory files when target FS full mc-vfs 4.8.15 defect new 01/15/19
#3984 mcdiff Segmentation fault in ydiff.c when calling g_utf8_offset_to_pointer() mcdiff 4.8.22 defect new 05/09/19
#13 savannah: Moving/copying single files to FTP VFS mc-vfs 4.6.1 defect new 12/24/08
#17 savannah: ownership is not preserved when copying symlinks mc-core master defect reopened 12/25/08
#37 savannah: external editor does not write changes on remote file systems mc-vfs master defect new 12/25/08
#40 savannah: MC doesn't open if network gateway inaccessible. mc-vfs defect new 12/25/08
#42 savannah: smbfs performance suffers badly if no username is specified in the URL mc-vfs defect new 12/25/08
#43 savannah: [ENHANCEMENT] MC is slow when working with lots of files mc-core master defect reopened 12/25/08
#47 savannah: Environment variables in a subshell mc-core defect new 12/25/08
#62 savannah: MC fail to notice when archive is replaced mc-vfs master defect new 12/26/08
#68 savannah: Aborting a FISH file transfer is grossly inefficient mc-vfs master defect assigned 12/26/08
#70 savannah: enter vfs with cmdline buffer mc-vfs defect new 12/26/08
#73 savannah: ';' separated UNIX commands started from cd mc-vfs defect new 12/26/08
#76 savannah: Dangerous unpacking (disk full is not reported, unpacked files become corrupt) mc-vfs defect new 12/26/08
#77 savannah: fish copies files to tmp before transfer -> fails with low disk space mc-vfs defect new 12/26/08
#79 savannah: Hang on directory change when not run as root mc-vfs defect new 12/26/08
#93 cons.saver: open the console in non-blocking mode mc-core defect new 12/28/08
#116 savannah: infinite loop reading large directories via fish mc-vfs master defect new 01/02/09
#273 bad Modify timestamps on files copied from OS/2 LANMAN CIFS mount to local filesystem mc-vfs defect reopened 02/16/09
#329 mc has high memory footprint when working with archives through VFS mc-vfs 4.6.1 defect new 04/21/09
#399 Compare directories does not work as expected mc-core master defect new 06/10/09
#400 Support for multiline search, and for searching for 0x0A bytes. mc-search master defect new 06/10/09
#1407 FISH: incorrect show file/directory owner mc-vfs master defect assigned 07/15/09
#1448 FTP protocol in Midnight Commander is unusable [metabug] mc-vfs master defect new 08/03/09
#1500 Segmentation fault while background copying mc-core 4.8.7 defect slavazanko reopened 08/08/09
#1605 Incorrect parsing FTP-string mc-vfs 4.7.0-pre2 defect slavazanko reopened 09/11/09
#1639 "preserve Attributes" option should *not* be automatically disabled mc-core master defect new 09/25/09
#1678 po/stamp-po should be removed with make clean mc-core 4.7.0-pre3 defect new 10/05/09
#1682 paste into MC applications inserts additional garbage mc-core 4.7.0-pre2 defect new 10/07/09
#1871 Advanced chown: wrong set files permissions mc-core master defect new 12/10/09
#1889 zsh "edit after typo" feature screws mc up mc-core 4.7.0-pre4 defect new 12/22/09
#1952 mc cd foo.tar#utar does not handle POSIX ustar archives, only GNU tar vendor-specific/legacy ones mc-vfs master defect andrew_b accepted 01/10/10
#1978 case insensitive sort puts entries in panel in unexpected order mc-core defect new 01/26/10
#1984 something like syntax.d for highlighting mc-core version not selected defect new 01/29/10
#1988 Working in diff filesystem doesn't allow copy operation mc-vfs defect assigned 02/01/10
#1989 Improper creation of the file archive from the directory containing the "\" in the name mc-core master defect new 02/01/10
#1993 Change the file name when copying to FTP mc-vfs master defect new 02/03/10
#2034 mc crashes when subshell is fed from X clipboard mc-core defect new 02/17/10
#2063 mc 4.7 doesn't handle hardlinks properly when browsing .deb or .rpm mc-vfs defect new 02/26/10
#2064 Some keys are not properly recognized in Konsole/xterm mc-tty defect new 02/26/10
#2072 high cpu usage during directory navigation and UTF-8 locale mc-core 4.8.2 defect new 03/02/10
#2088 "Show directory sizes" usability regression versus 4.6.x mc-core master defect zaytsev accepted 03/06/10
#2095 tar vfs instability mc-vfs 4.7.1 defect new 03/10/10
#2110 unexpected subshell execution mc-core master defect new 03/17/10
#2113 Get rid of unpacking arcives to temporary directory mc-vfs master defect new 03/18/10
#2124 'Whole words' option is ignored in backward search. mc-search master defect new 03/28/10
#2129 --enable-static has no effect mc-core 4.7.1 defect new 04/04/10
#2143 Inconsistent mouse-scrolling behavior in 4.7 (regression) mc-core 4.7.1 defect new 04/15/10
#2160 Moving folder from VFS panel to local tree leaves empty folder structure on VFS mc-vfs master defect new 04/29/10
#2180 Screen output can't handle non-printable characters mcdiff master defect new 05/06/10
#2186 The outputs from commands under panels are unvisible mc-core 4.7.2 defect new 05/07/10
#2201 file name length limit (in tar archive) mc-vfs 4.6.2-pre1 defect andrew_b reopened 05/17/10
#2229 MC viewer doesn't like [binary] files with no line endings [2 bugs here] mcview master defect assigned 05/30/10
#2244 MC consumes 100% cpu after wake up from suspend mc-tty 4.7.4 defect assigned 06/21/10
#2256 shell link via ssh fails to restore after connection lost mc-vfs master defect new 07/04/10
#2269 mc locked up after pressing Tab in subshell mc-core 4.7.3 defect new 07/11/10
#2278 Problem in the Copy operation mc-core 4.7.4 defect slavazanko reopened 07/12/10
#2307 Modified cursor keys not recognised in Cygwin xterm mc-tty 4.7.3 defect new 08/10/10
#2323 syntax hightlighting rule order bogus mcedit master defect zaytsev accepted 08/26/10
#2328 No action without shell patterns documentation master defect new 08/26/10
#2345 Copying files to CIFS mounts fails for some files with permission denied errors mc-core defect new 09/10/10
#2348 "file" command detection at buildtime breaks crosscompile + isolated builds cross-compilation master defect new 09/14/10
#2351 mc should warn prior to attempting to copy a file >4 GB to vfat partition instead of crashing mc-core master defect new 09/15/10
#2376 extfs support for ACE and ARC broken mc-vfs 4.7.4 defect new 10/01/10
#2378 mc editor ignores umask mcedit 4.7.0 defect new 10/02/10
#2391 shell connecting by mc mc-vfs 4.8.8 defect reopened 10/15/10
#2423 MC doesn't jump to a destination directory upon pressing Enter on found files in the "Find Files" results panel mc-core 4.7.4 defect new 11/18/10
#2452 Doesn't save "Verbose operation" file operation option mc-tty master defect reopened 12/18/10
#2453 Screen corruption after viewing UTF-8 file mc-core 4.7.4 defect andrew_b reopened 12/20/10
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