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MTP +…+ sub-shell = sudden change of a location, and combined issues with no '\n'

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0) Connect your Android (an mtp device) via USB to your host (tap to enable transfer files if needed).
1) Mount your mtp device with something like gio mount "mtp://[usb:002,011]/" or ensure your device is auto-mounted.
2) Left panel: open you mounted Android (usually in /run/user/1000/gvfs); right panel: open any local location.
3) Find and copy something from your Android (e.g. any *.jpg) to your local location.
4) Try to open you copied local file by pressing Enter on it:

  • The shell is already running a command (in fact it does not)

5) Change on the left panel to something non-mtp (e.g. any local location from your history), and try to open file again on the right side.

  • it either opens (see towards the end of this ticket) or not.

5.1) Try Ctrl+O twice.

  • the location on the right side suddenly changes to your previous mtp location from the left side. Perhaps, a hint on the cause.

5.2) On the left side, move back (e.g. through you history) to your actual local location. Try to open (press Enter) the same file.

  • it opens OK.

*) Work around the issue: always ensure changing to local locations on both panels twice. The issue is somewhat related to the local sub-shell implementation, most noticeable by pressing Ctrl+O (it doesn't also send \n, so the prompt may be garbled or continued).

*. I am off for good and cannot provide further description which is why I did my best to put the issue on the notice board for further reference.

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