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Each external VFS type must be registered in extfs.d directory if you want to use it. Trailing plus means that the filesystem is not tied to a certain file.

Popular PC archivers

  • uzip
  • uzoo
  • ulha
  • urar
  • uha
  • u7z
  • ualz
  • uarj
  • uarc
  • uace

cab files

  • ucab

ar is used for static libraries

  • uar

Packages from popular Linux distributions

  • rpm
  • deb

a+ - mtools filesystem

  • a+

For browsing lslR listings (found on many ftp sites)

  • lslR

Hewlett Packard calculator

  • hp48+

Commodore 64/128 d64/D64 files

  • uc1541

Break patches into chunks

  • patchfs

Represents a mailbox as a directory

  • mailfs

List all installed RPM packages on the system

  • rpms+
  • trpm

dpkg frontend

  • dpkg+
  • debd

apt frontend

  • apt+
  • deba

===Simple filesystem for audio cdroms. Use /dev/cdrom#audio (or /#audio) ===

  • audio

Package of Bad Penguin (an Italian GNU/Linux distribution)

  • bpp

ISO image

  • iso9660

Amazon S3

  • s3+

git frontend

  • gitfs (browse the git repo)
  • changesetfs (list of versions of current file)
  • patchsetfs (list of patches of current file)