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File panels hotkeys

Please start from base manual? for hotkeys.

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Ctrl and Shift mean the same keyboard keys, Meta is metakey, on PC it's Alt or single press of Esc key. Fn (Where N > 10) mean Shift-F(n-10), i.e. F19 is Shift-F9.

F3View file.
F4Edit file.
F13View raw file without extension specific.
F14Create new file.
F19Activate last used menu element.
F20Quiet exit, without confirmation.
InsertSelect 'current object'1
+select a group of files. (regular expression can be used)
\Unselect a group of files. This is the opposite of the Plus key.
Meta+EnterInsert 'current object'1 to command line.
Meta+.Show/hidde hidden files and directories (that starts with '.').
Meta+,Change panel split view mode to vertical/horizontal.
Insert in command line path of active panel.
Meta+cDisplays change directory dialog for active panel.
Meta+hDisplays command history.
Meta+iMake the current directory of the current panel also the current directory of the other panel. Put the other panel to the listing mode if needed. If the current panel is panelized, the other panel doesn't become panelized.
Use these keys to browse through the command history. Meta-p takes you to the last entry, Meta-n takes you to the next one.
Meta+oIf the currently selected file is a directory, load that directory on the other panel and moves the selection to the next file.
Used to select the top/middle/bottom file in a panel repectively
Meta+tChange panel view ('Full','Brief','Long')
Meta+Shift+?Find file.
Insert to command line inactive panel path.
Meta+Shift+HDisplay directory history.
Ctrl+\Display directory hotlist.
Ctrl+lRepaint all information in midnight commander.
Ctrl+oShow/hida panell.
Ctrl+rReread content of current directory.
Ctrl+sQuick search.
Ctrl+SpaceShow directory size.
Ctrl+x,aShow active VFS list.
Ctrl+x,cChmod (Change file Mode) for file or directory.
Ctrl+x,iSet the other panel display mode to information.
Ctrl+x,jShow background jobs.
Ctrl+x,lCreate hardlink for active file or directory.
Ctrl+x,oChown (Change Owner) for file or directory.
Ctrl+x,qSet the other panel display mode to quick view.
Ctrl+x,sCreate symlink for active file or directory.
Ctrl+x,tInsert selected names to command line.
Ctrl+x,Ctrl+sEdit symlink.

deprecated or future hot-keys

Shift+F1Change directory to mount point for left panell (should work in further release).
Shift+F2Change directory to mount point for right panell (should work in further release).

1 Current object - active file or directory on the current panel.