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For source code naviagation used file TAGS, in project directory. If there is no TAGS file navigation don't work and diaglogs don't show. You should create TAGS file before.


To create TAGS file you should run command etags/ctags in the project directory like this:

ctags example

find . -type f -name "*.[ch]" | ctags --c-kinds=+p --fields=+iaS --extra=+q -e -L-

etags example

find . -type f -name "*.[ch]" | etags -l c --declarations -

exuberant-ctags example

ctags -e --language-force=C -R ./

All examples for C language code.

If you use another language - please read manual for etags/ctags tools.


For jump to definition (find tag) you need position cursor at end of the word and press M-Enter. You should press enter in dialog to go to. To go back press M-'-', to go forward - M-'='.