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Symbolic Action for redefine hotkeys

Command Actiondefault hotkey
No-Command Empty action
Ignore-KeyEmpty action
BackSpaceDeleting the character to the left of the cursor
Delete Deleting the character to the right of the cursor
EnterNew line
Page-Up move up by one page
Page-Down move down by one page
Left move left by one character
Right move right by one character
Word-Left move left by one word
Word-Right move right by one word
Up move up by one line
Down move down by one line
Home move to begin of line
End move to end of line
Tab tabulation
Undo Undo operation
Beginning-Of-Text move to begin of text
End-Of-Text move to end of text
Scroll-Up scroll up
Scroll-Down scroll down
Return ???Return???
Begin-Page move to begin of screen
End-Page move to end of screen
Delete-Word-Left Deleting the word to the left of the cursor
Delete-Word-Right Deleting the word to the right of the cursor
Paragraph-Up move up by one paragraph
Paragraph-Down move down by one paragraph
Save save current file
Load open file
New create new file
Save-as save current file with another name
Mark mark of text
Copy copying of marked text
Move moving of marked text
Remove deleting of marked text
Unmark unmark of text
Save-Block save marked text into file
Column-Mark vertical mark of text
Find call of 'search' dialog window
Find-Again continue search
Replace call of 'replace' dialog window
Replace-Again continue replace
Complete-Word autocompletions of words
Insert-File insert text from file
Exit Exit from editor
Toggle-Insert toggle insert/override edit mode
Help call of help window
Date insert current date
Refresh refresh screen
Goto Go to line
Delete-Line delete current line
Delete-To-Line-End delete from cursor position to end of line
Delete-To-Line-Begin delete from cursor position to begin of line


Sort Sorting of marked text


Cancel cancel action


Paragraph-Format formatting of paragraphs

Util Type-Load-Python

Find-File call 'file search' dialog windos


Match-Bracket search paired brackets

Terminal Terminal-App ExtCmd

User-Menu call of user-defined menu

Save-Desktop New-Window Cycle Menu Save-And-Quit Run-Another Check-Save-And-Quit Maximize Begin-Record-Macro End-Record-Macro Delete-Macro

Toggle-Bookmark create/remove bookmark
Flush-Bookmarks delete all bookmarks
Next-Bookmark go to next bookmark
Prev-Bookmark go to previous bookmark

Page-Up-Highlight Page-Down-Highlight Left-Highlight Right-Highlight Word-Left-Highlight Word-Right-Highlight Up-Highlight Down-Highlight Home-Highlight End-Highlight Beginning-Of-Text-Highlight End-Of-Text_Highlight Begin-Page-Highlight End-Page-Highlight Scroll-Up-Highlight Scroll-Down-Highlight Paragraph-Up-Highlight Paragraph-Down-Highlight

XStore save marked text into ~/.local/share/mc/mcedit/mcedit.clip file
XCut cut marked text and save into ~/.local/share/mc/mcedit/mcedit.clip file
XPaste insert text from ~/.local/share/mc/mcedit/mcedit.clip file

Selection-History Shell Select-Codepage Insert-Literal Execute-Macro Begin-or-End-Macro Ext-mode Focus-Next Focus-Prev Height-Inc Height-Dec Make Error-Next Error-Prev

Debug-Start Debug-Stop Debug-Toggle-Break Debug-Clear Debug-Next Debug-Step Debug-Back-Trace Debug-Continue Debug-Enter-Command Debug-Until-Curser