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Color schemes

Midnight Commander supports color schemes. This allows to change the look of all elements of the program interface. If you not need for colors, you may run Midnight Commander with -b or --nocolor option.

Colors in Midnight Commander

Color of any interface element described by color pair:

Color for text and background Colors just for text
blue brightblue

Definition of color scheme

Default color scheme now hardcoded and noo able to change without recompile of project. At start of program first initialized default color scheme. Then analyzes the user-defined color schemes. User has four opportunities to redefine the colors of interface elements Midnight Commander:

  • in section [Colors] in ~/.mc/ini configuration file;
  • in section describing the terminal in ~/.mc/ini configuration file.You can define your color scheme for each type of terminal;
  • in environment variable MC_COLOR_TABLE;
  • through the command-line -C option (or --colors option).

Each of these settings supplements or replace previous settings

Default color scheme

normallightgray,blueMain color
reverseblack,lightgrayInverse color
gaugewhite,blackProgressbar indicator
inputblack,cyanInput string
selectedblack,cyanPanel: current file
markedyellow,bluePanel: marked file
markselectyellow,cyanPanel: current marked file
directorywhite,bluePanel: directory
executablebrightgreen,bluePanet: executable file
linklightgray,bluePanel: symlink
stalelinkbrightred,bluePanel: stale symlink
devicebrightmagenta,bluePanel: file of device
corered,bluePanel: core-file
specialblack,bluePanel: special file
dnormalblack,lightgrayDialog window: main color
dfocusblack,cyanDialog window: color of focused element
dhotnormalblue,lightgrayDialog window: Color of character for hotkey
dhotfocusblue,cyanDialog window: Color of character for hotkey in focused element
errorswhite,redError message: main color
errdhotnormalyellow,redError message: Color of character for hotkey
errdhotfocusyellow,lightgrayError message: Color of character for hotkey in focused element
menuwhite,cyanMenu: main color
menuselwhite,blackMenu: selected item
menuhotyellow,cyanMenu: Color of character for hotkey
menuhotselyellow,blackМеню: Color of character for hotkey in selected item
helpnormalblack,lightgrayHelp: main color
helpitalicred,lightgrayHelp: italic text
helpboldblue,lightgrayHelp: bold text
helplinkblack,cyanHelp: unselected text link
helpslinkyellow,blueHelp: selected text link
viewunderlinebrightred,blueViewer and editor: underlined text
editnormallightgray,blueEditor: main color
editboldyellow,blueEditor: color of highlighted search results
editmarkedblack,cyanEditor: marked text
editwhitespacebrightblue,blueEditor: tabs and trailing spaces
editlinestatewhite,cyanEditor: color of status field for lines

Description of format user-defined color scheme

Use short help by calling:

$ mc --help-color