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Programs and libraries needed for successful build

NameName of binary packageDescription
glibcglibc-headersMain GNU C Library
uClibcuclibc-source (deb)Alternative to glibc for embedded or lean systems like OpenWrt or Freetz
gccgccGNU C Compiler
makemakeUtility for building and linking programs and libraries
autoconf >= 2.64autoconfUtility for automatic configuration of the source tree before the build process starts
automake >= 1.12automakeUtility for automatic Makefile creation
libtoollibtoolHelper for creating shared libraries
glib2 >= 2.32 libglib2.0-dev (deb)
glib2-devel (rpm)
Cross-platform library with the implementations of many basic algorithms
pcrelibpcre3-dev (deb)
pcre-devel (rpm)
Library for PERL-compatible regular expressions support. Needed if glib version is lower than 2.14
slang2libslang2-dev (deb)
slang2-devel (rpm)
Powerfull cross-platform library for text console manipulation. This library is alternative to the ncurses library
ncurseslibncurses-dev (deb)
ncurses-devel (rpm)
Yet another library for working with text console. May be replaced with S-Lang2
gettext >= 0.18.2gettext, autopoint (deb)
gettext-devel (rpm)
Multilanguage support
cvscvs Concurrent Versions System. Needed for 'autopoint' (from 'gettext' package). Required if gettext is built with --with-cvs
pkgconfigpkgconfigUtility for automatically getting the linker and compiler flags right to successfully link against other libraries and programs
gpm libgpm-dev (deb)
gpm-devel (rpm)
General purpose mouse library for console
libssh2 >=1.2.8 libssh2-1-dev (deb)
libssh2-devel (rpm)
Client-side C library implementing the SSH2 protocol
aspelllibaspell-dev (deb)
aspell-devel (rpm)
Free and Open Source spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell
e2fsprogs >=1.42.4 libext2fs-dev (deb)
e2fsprogs-devel (rpm)
Library implementing ext{2,3,4}fs support