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Midnight Commander 4.8.28

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Major changes since 4.8.27



  • Remove SMB support (#1)



  • Support file/dir macros from mc.ect for standalone viewer (#4150)

Diff viewer


  • Code cleanup (#4270)
  • Support Shift+Fn keys for KiTTY (#4325)
  • Filehighlight of graphical formats: avif, jp2, jxl, heic, heif, psb, psd (#4328)


  • FTBFS with ncurses build with --disable-widec (#4200)
  • There is no exit on Ubuntu PPC64 big endian (#3887)
  • Segfault on change panel mode (#4323)
  • Accelerator conflict in Left/Right? menu (#4284)
  • move a lot of files across filesystems is slow (#4287)
  • mc.ext: wrong order of rules: general matches are made before more specific ones (#4273)
  • mc.ext: compressed man pages are shown unformatted (#4272)
  • ext.d/ invoking /bin/cat on systems that have no /bin/cat (like NixOS) (#4298)
  • mcedit: errors in syntax definitions (#4286)
  • VFS: FISH: when uploading a symbolic link, it creates both the link and its target (#4281)
  • VFS: SFTP: timestamps are not preserved for uploaded symlink (#4285)
  • VFS: EXTFS: incorrect test of isoinfo (#4326)
  • Typo in skin files (#3146)