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Midnight Commander

Please note that all the changes contained in this release will also make it into the next release of the "master" branch. The 4.8.1.x release series will only contain bug fixes and stabilization patches.

Major changes since 4.8.1


  • Added new flag -X (--no-x11) to allow dont't use X11 to get the state of modifiers Alt, Ctrl, Shift (#86)
  • Support of '~' as home dir in 'Start at:' field in 'Find File' dialog (#2694)
  • Support of '~' as home dir in hotlists (#2747)
  • Learning of 'Back Tab' now is possible from 'Learn keys' dialog (#2628)
  • Optional '0x' prefix for hexadecimal search (#2705)




  • Added action bindings for backward search (#2105)

Diff viewer


  • Added hotkeys for all radio/check-buttons in search/replace dialogs (#2704)
  • New file bindings:
  • Simplify - remove LZMA|LZ and change p7 to 7z (#2703)
  • Updated list of known browsers: gnome-moz-remote mozilla firefox konqueror opera (#2725)
  • Added MC_HOME environment variable to set up home directory of MC (as part of #2738)


  • Compile failure of 4.8.1 on xBSD because "Undefined symbols: _posix_fallocate" (#2689)
  • MC deletes the wrong file because of forced panel reload before file operation (#2736)
  • Cannot chdir to directory if directory name contains the dollar sign (#2451)
  • Incorrect panel size after change panel split type (#2521)
  • Wrong total bytes counter for subdirs in copy/move dialog (#2503)
  • Display corruption in panels after window shrink (#2684)
  • Command line is unaccessible from tree panel (#2714)
  • Extra confirmation before delete an empty hotlist group (#1576)
  • Can't open an edit zero-length file from VFS in mcedit (#2710)
  • mcedit crashes when ~/.config is a file (#2738)
  • mcedit: reset selection after END/HOME/PgDn/PgUp (#2726)
  • 'make check' fails on arm and alpha (-z muldefs) (#2732)