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Remove all instances of type casts on function pointers. Run the following command to get a list of function pointer types.

grep -r 'typedef.*(\*' . \ | sed -n 's/.*(\*\([[:alnum:]_]*\)).*/(\1)/p' \ | sort -u \


Then use fgrep to find illegal uses of these types.

fgrep -r "cat fn-types.txt" .

Fix these uses by writing small wrapper functions.

When saving a file is not possible, mcedit should ask the user what to do:

  • su(1) to another user and try again
  • sudo
  • change permissions of the file or the containg directory
  • other smart things

Cannot spell check unsaved files in the editor.

Dynamic loading for libgpm, libext2fs.

Allow switching between histories of two panels. It's convenient to change to a directory from the history of the other panel.

Recheck all mouse handlers, make sure that they check button number. We don't want mouse scrolling to be interpreted as mouse click.

Smooth mouse scrolling on panels. Scrolling one page per step is too fast.

Don't read prompt from the subshell, because it's unreliable. Interpret environment variable MC_PS1 (or PS1) in the same way as bash.

Support an environment variable (also like PS1 in bash) for setting the window title.

real_input_dialog_help() shouldn't use translated strings in the section names in .mc/history. Right now, mc writes separate history sections for different locales. Only input history is affected.

Add "Ignore" and "Ignore all" buttons when reporting permission problems.

Better date parser - don't allow seconds and year in ftp listings on the same line.

Report errors in fish operations and recover from them.

Allow colors to be defined in the mc.lib file. Make it possible to avoid using a super-long line to redefine all colors.

Allow verbatim search in "Find File". Right now, the context is always interpreted as regular expression.

Filters in the editor should operate on the open file - don't close and reopen the file. They don't work on VFS now. For example, a gzipped files on FTP cannot be edited.

ftp and fish with home != '/' - readjust directory to the home.

Search in the viewer should have an option for case sensitive search.

Make "Find File" dialog more responsive. Keep state in a structure and preserve it when the search is suspended.

Use KDGKBENT ioctl on Linux console to find the mapping for shifted functional keys. Two mappings are widely used (Shift-F1 = F11 and Shift-F1 = F13). mc should adjust the keys to the mapping.

Alt-O should optionally show the current directory and move cursor down (as in older versions). Old functionality on files (go to "..") is not needed.