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  • Remove all instances of type casts on function pointers. Run the following command to get a list of function pointer types.

grep -r 'typedef.*(\*' . \ | sed -n 's/.*(\*\([[:alnum:]_]*\)).*/(\1)/p' \ | sort -u \


Then use fgrep to find illegal uses of these types.

fgrep -r "cat fn-types.txt" .

  • Fix these uses by writing small wrapper functions.
  • When saving a file is not possible, mcedit should ask the user what to do:
    • su(1) to another user and try again
    • sudo
    • change permissions of the file or the containg directory
    • other smart things
  • Cannot spell check unsaved files in the editor.
  • Dynamic loading for libgpm, libext2fs.
  • Allow switching between histories of two panels. It's convenient to change to a directory from the history of the other panel.
  • Recheck all mouse handlers, make sure that they check button number. We don't want mouse scrolling to be interpreted as mouse click.
  • Smooth mouse scrolling on panels. Scrolling one page per step is too fast.
  • Don't read prompt from the subshell, because it's unreliable. Interpret environment variable MC_PS1 (or PS1) in the same way as bash.
  • Support an environment variable (also like PS1 in bash) for setting the window title.
  • real_input_dialog_help() shouldn't use translated strings in the section names in .mc/history. Right now, mc writes separate history sections for different locales. Only input history is affected.
  • Add "Ignore" and "Ignore all" buttons when reporting permission problems.
  • Better date parser - don't allow seconds and year in ftp listings on the same line.
  • Report errors in fish operations and recover from them.
  • Allow colors to be defined in the mc.lib file. Make it possible to avoid using a super-long line to redefine all colors.
  • Filters in the editor should operate on the open file - don't close and reopen the file. They don't work on VFS now. For example, a gzipped
  • Files on FTP cannot be edited.
  • ftp and fish with home != '/' - readjust directory to the home.
  • Make "Find File" dialog more responsive. Keep state in a structure and preserve it when the search is suspended.
  • Use KDGKBENT ioctl on Linux console to find the mapping for shifted functional keys. Two mappings are widely used (Shift-F1 = F11 and Shift-F1 = F13). mc should adjust the keys to the mapping.

Future Releases

  • Ctrl-q Ctrl-m in input dialog should enter \r, not a newline.
  • Interpret C literals in regular expressions entered by the user, e.g. \r and \0x0D.
  • Make the internal editor reentrant. Add "edit menu file" to the editor menu.
  • Consistent support for mc.lib.
  • Consistent support for terminal-specific settings.
  • New syntax for mc.ext - path check, desktop environment check.
  • Detach X programs into a separate process group. Allow forcing the full path on local files.
  • Click on an image doesn't always work on remote vfs - local copy may be deleted before the application has time to load it.
  • Allow running executables from remote VFS. Possibly warn the user.
  • Add print dialog in the internal editor.
  • Implement logging, not just for VFS.
  • Eliminate all pipes in subshell.c, run pwd after kill. Add support for more shells (e.g. ksh).
  • Internal terminal - no more console saving.
  • Implement a really Advanced Chown/Chmod?.
  • sftp and fxp support in VFS.
  • New listing mode keyword "time": mtime or the time (atime, ctime) used to sort files.
  • Provide "patch" and "diff" editors. The patch editor will automatically adjust the line numbers of the following chunks when lines are deleted or inserted at the beginning of the file.
  • Provide context menus for files. Possible actions include: [compile], [CVS commit], [CVS diff -up], [pack], [unpack], [grep].
  • More standard Widgets: WTreeView, WDirectoryList, WGroupBox, WTextArea, WOpenDialog, WSaveDialog, WPrintDialog, WKeyBar.

VFS Standartization

  • Due to problems in the VFS, files are not written back after being edited over VFS with an external editor.
  • Allow pathnames starting with spaces in vfs/extfs.
  • Check if the archive was changed for extfs, tar and cpio. Free the data associated with the old archive.
  • Hide the passwords when displaying mcvfs path names.
  • Broken pipe warning when viewing large *.tar.gz files. Warnings should be shown before the viewer is started if possible.
  • Allow entering archives in VFS by Ctrl-PgDown with non-empty command line. Right now, there is no convenient way to enter an archive when the command line is not empty.
  • Totals are not calculated when copying or moving a single directory.. Totals should only be omitted for single files.