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    6565(as in older versions).  Old functionality on files (go to "..") is not 
     68== Future Releases == 
     70Ctrl-q Ctrl-m in input dialog should enter \r, not a newline. 
     72Interpret C literals in regular expressions entered by the user, e.g. \r and \0x0D. 
     74Make the internal editor reentrant.  Add "edit menu file" to the editor 
     77Safe and restore file position in the viewer. 
     79Consistent support for mc.lib. 
     81Consistent support for terminal-specific settings. 
     83New syntax for mc.ext - path check, desktop environment check.  Detach X 
     84programs into a separate process group.  Allow forcing the full path on 
     85local files. 
     87Click on an image doesn't always work on remote vfs - local copy may 
     88be deleted before the application has time to load it. 
     90Allow running executables from remote VFS.  Possibly warn the user. 
     92Add print dialog in the internal editor. 
     94Implement logging, not just for VFS. 
     96"Find file" should remember full starting path, not "." in the history. 
     98Eliminate all pipes in subshell.c, run pwd after kill.  Add support for 
     99more shells (e.g. ksh). 
     101Internal terminal - no more console saving. 
     103Implement a really Advanced Chown/Chmod. 
     105Support for multi-byte charsets (e.g. UTF-8). 
     107sftp and fxp support in VFS. 
     109New listing mode keyword "time": mtime or the time (atime, ctime) used 
     110to sort files. 
     112Support for X clipboard. 
     114Provide "patch" and "diff" editors. The patch editor will automatically adjust the line numbers of the following chunks when lines are deleted or inserted at the beginning of the file. 
     116Provide context menus for files. Possible actions include: [compile], [CVS commit], [CVS diff -up], [pack], [unpack], [grep]. 
     118Make mc a CVS frontend comparable to Eclipse-3.0. 
     120More standard Widgets: WTreeView, WDirectoryList, WGroupBox, WTextArea, WOpenDialog, WSaveDialog, WPrintDialog, WKeyBar.