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Report crashes

So, you get Segmentatiоn fault message, what should you do with this?

You should report about crash to developers. Please provide detailed description.

How to

  1. You should build mc with maximum debug info enabled.
$ ./configure <common-options>
$ make CFLAGS=-ggdb3 # here it is!
$ make install
  1. Allow to create core dumps (you should run mc in the same session where you do it)
    $ ulimit -c unlimited
    $ mc
  1. So, crash it! And get a maximum info from core file of mc (in directory where mc crash):
    $ gdb --quiet /usr/bin/mc core
    (gdb) bt
    (gdb) bt full
  2. Copy usefull-output-1 and usefull-output-2 and send report to our tracker (or in mc-devel at mail-list . Please don't forget also describe your build (./configure) options and how to reproduce crash. <- FAQ 10.3 (the similar article in FAQ)