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Midnight Commander

Please note that all the changes contained in this release will also make it into the next release of the "master" branch. The 4.7.0.x release series will only contain bug fixes and stabilization patches.

Major changes since


  • States of all 'Find File' dialog checkboxes are saved in user configuration file (backport form 4.7.1) (#1874)
  • Interactive help is displayed with dynamically run-time formatting (backport form 4.7.2) (#1561)


  • Added highlighting for HTTPS URLs in SPEC files (#1446)


  • Code cleanups (#2255)
  • Translation updates


  • AC_TRY_RUN macro breaks crosscompile (#1959)
  • Buttonbar mouse clicks are off (#2199)
  • Incorrect button locations in common input dialogs (#2115)
  • Info panel is initially filled too late (#2226)
  • Editor hangup if editor_tab_spacing equals to 0 (#2196)
  • Viewer segfaults trying open a compressed man page file (#2236)
  • Editor shows dots instead of letters if source_codepage is set to "No translation" (#2248)
  • Editor goes to endless loop when trying to replace the \n regexp with any substring (#2231)
  • Editor: in some cases the copy/move operation in multi-byte text is wrong (#2153)