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How to report about bugs

If you find bug in Midnight Commander, please report the bug to developers team. You can create ticket for bug here (you should be registered on site). Also you can describe bug by e-mail to mc or mc-devel mailing lists.

Please use search before create new ticket to be sure that is not well known bug that was fixed in last current stable version.

If there is closed ticket but bug is still here (and you use last stable version of midnight commander) feel free to reopen bug, but try describe how to reproduce bug. Of course you can add comments in open tickets too.

Also please put in bug report the output of LANG=C mc -V command and brief information about your system. If you have mc version 4.8.0 and newer, please also put in bug report the output of these commands:

mc -F
mc --configure-options

And please provide (as attachment), if you can, stack trace from gdb if mc faults.

NB: Please use English language for bug reports.