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add gpm depend

Programs and libraryes needed for sucessfull build

NameName of binary packageDescription
glibcglibc-headersMain GNU C-library
gccgccC GNU-compiler
makemakeUtility for building and linking programs and libraryes
autoconfautoconfUtility for automatic configure source tree before build process starts
automakeautomakeUtility for automatic create Makefile files
libtoollibtoolUtility-helper for create library code
glib >= 2.6 glib2-dev (deb)
glib2-devel (rpm)
Cross-platform library with implementation of many basic algorithms
pcre pcre-dev (deb)
pcre-devel (rpm)
Library for support REPL-compatible regular expressions. Need if version of glib less than 2.14
slangslang2-dev (deb)
slang2-devel (rpm)
Powerfull cross-platform library for work with text console. Library may be replaced via NCurses library
ncursesncurses-dev (deb)
ncurses-devel (rpm)
Library for work with text console. Library may be replaced via S-Lang2
gettextgettextMultilanguage support
cvscvs Control versions system. Need for 'autopoint' (from 'gettext' package)
pkgconfigpkgconfigUtility for automatic getting compiler and linker flags to successfull build with anoter libraryes and programs
gpm libgpm-dev (deb) general purpose mouse library for console