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Programs and libraries needed for successful build

NameName of binary packageDescription
glibcglibc-headersMain GNU C Library
uClibcuclibc-source (deb)Alternative to glibc for embedded or lean systems like OpenWrt or Freetz
gccgccGNU C Compiler
makemakeUtility for building and linking programs and libraries
autoconfautoconfUtility for automatic configuration of the source tree before the build process starts
automakeautomakeUtility for automatic Makefile creation
libtoollibtoolHelper for creating shared libraries
glib >= 2.8 libglib2.0-dev (deb)
glib2-devel (rpm)
Cross-platform library with the implementations of many basic algorithms
pcrelibpcre3-dev (deb)
pcre-devel (rpm)
Library for PERL-compatible regular expressions support. Needed if glib version is lower than 2.14
slanglibslang2-dev (deb)
slang2-devel (rpm)
Powerfull cross-platform library for text console manipulation. This library is alternative to the ncurses library
ncurseslibncurses-dev (deb)
ncurses-devel (rpm)
Yet another library for working with text console. May be replaced with S-Lang2
gettextgettext-dev (deb)
gettext-devel (rpm)
Multilanguage support
cvscvs Concurrent Versions System. Needed for 'autopoint' (from 'gettext' package)
pkgconfigpkgconfigUtility for automatically getting the linker and compiler flags right to successfully link against other libraries and programs
gpm libgpm-dev (deb)
gpm-devel (rpm)
General purpose mouse library for console
libssh2 >=1.2.5 libssh2-1-dev (deb)
libssh2-devel (rpm)
Client-side C library implementing the SSH2 protocol