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Programs and libraryes needed for sucessfull build

NameName of binary packageDescription
glibcglibc-headersMain GNU C-library
gccgccC GNU-compiler
makemakeUtility for building and linking programs and libraryes
autoconfautoconfUtility for automatic configure source tree before build process starts
automakeautomakeUtility for automatic create Makefile files
libtoollibtoolUtility-helper for create library code
glib >= 2.6 glib2-dev (deb)
glib2-devel (rpm)
Cross-platform library with implementation of many basic algorithms
pcre pcre-dev (deb)
pcre-devel (rpm)
Library for support REPL-compatible regular expressions. Need if version of glib less than 2.14
slangslang2-dev (deb)
slang2-devel (rpm)
Powerfull cross-platform library for work with text console. Library may be replaced via NCurses library
ncursesncurses-dev (deb)
ncurses-devel (rpm)
Library for work with text console. Library may be replaced via S-Lang2
gettextgettextMultilanguage support
cvscvs Control versions system. Need for 'autopoint' (from 'gettext' package)
pkgconfigpkgconfigUtility for automatic getting compiler and linker flags to successfull build with anoter libraryes and programs