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    11= MC-specific build options = 
    3 '''Attention: this page is not complete''' 
     3You can see all MC-specific options on the command line via `configure --help=short` (taken from mc-4.8.1): 
    5 The 'configure' script in the root of source tree has following MC-specific options: 
     6Optional Features: 
     7  --disable-option-checking      ignore unrecognized --enable/--with options 
     8  --disable-FEATURE              do not include FEATURE (same as --enable-FEATURE=no) 
     9  --enable-FEATURE[=ARG]         include FEATURE [ARG=yes] 
     10  --enable-silent-rules          less verbose build output (undo: `make V=1') 
     11  --disable-silent-rules         verbose build output (undo: `make V=0') 
     12  --enable-maintainer-mode       enable make rules and dependencies not useful 
     13                                 (and sometimes confusing) to the casual installer 
     14  --disable-dependency-tracking  speeds up one-time build 
     15  --enable-dependency-tracking   do not reject slow dependency extractors 
     16  --enable-shared[=PKGS]         build shared libraries [default=yes] 
     17  --enable-static[=PKGS]         build static libraries [default=yes] 
     18  --enable-fast-install[=PKGS]   optimize for fast installation [default=yes] 
     19  --disable-libtool-lock         avoid locking (might break parallel builds) 
     20  --disable-doxygen-doc          don't generate any doxygen documentation 
     21  --disable-doxygen-dot          don't generate graphics for doxygen documentation 
     22  --enable-doxygen-man           generate doxygen manual pages 
     23  --enable-doxygen-rtf           generate doxygen RTF documentation 
     24  --enable-doxygen-xml           generate doxygen XML documentation 
     25  --enable-doxygen-chm           generate doxygen compressed HTML help documentation 
     26  --enable-doxygen-chi           generate doxygen seperate compressed HTML help index file 
     27  --disable-doxygen-html         don't generate doxygen plain HTML documentation 
     28  --enable-doxygen-ps            generate doxygen PostScript documentation 
     29  --enable-doxygen-pdf           generate doxygen PDF documentation 
     30  --enable-mclib                 Compile shared library [no] 
     31  --disable-largefile            omit support for large files 
     32  --disable-nls                  do not use Native Language Support 
     33  --disable-rpath                do not hardcode runtime library paths 
     34  --disable-vfs                  Disable VFS 
     35  --enable-vfs-cpio              Support for cpio filesystem [yes] 
     36  --enable-vfs-tar               Support for tar filesystem [yes] 
     37  --enable-vfs-sfs               Support for sfs filesystem [yes] 
     38  --enable-vfs-extfs             Support for extfs filesystem [yes] 
     39  --enable-vfs-undelfs           Support for ext2 undelete filesystem [no] 
     40  --enable-vfs-ftp               Support for FTP filesystem [yes] 
     41  --enable-vfs-fish              Support for FISH filesystem [yes] 
     42  --enable-vfs-smb               Support for SMB filesystem [no] 
     43  --enable-background            Support for background file operations [yes] 
     44  --enable-charset               Support for charset selection and conversion [yes] 
     45  --enable-werror                Handle all compiler warnings as errors 
     46  --enable-tests                 Enable unit tests (see 
    7 ||'''Option'''||'''Description'''||'''Default value'''||'''Notes'''|| 
    8 ||enable-werror||Handle all compiler warnings as errors||no|||| 
    9 ||disable-largefile||Omit support for large files||yes|||| 
    10 ||enable-background||Support for background file operations||yes|||| 
    11 ||enable-charset||Support for charset selection and conversion||yes|||| 
    12 ||disable-vfs||Disable support of VFS||no|||| 
    13 ||enable-vfs-cpio||Support for cpio archives||yes||Ignored if --disable-vfs option is used|| 
    14 ||enable-vfs-tar||Support for tar archives||yes||Ignored if --disable-vfs option is used|| 
    15 ||enable-vfs-sfs||Support for sfs (single-file) filesystem||yes||Ignored if --disable-vfs option is used|| 
    16 ||enable-vfs-extfs||Support for extfs filesystem||yes||Ignored if --disable-vfs option is used|| 
    17 ||enable-vfs-undelfs||Support for ext2 undelete filesystem||no||Ignored if --disable-vfs option is used|| 
    18 ||enable-vfs-ftp||Support for FTP filesystem||yes||Ignored if --disable-vfs option is used|| 
    19 ||enable-vfs-fish||Support for FISH filesystem||yes||Ignored if --disable-vfs option is used|| 
    20 ||enable-vfs-smb||Support for Samba (smb) filesystem||no||Ignored if --disable-vfs option is used|| 
    21 ||with-edit||Enable build of internal editor||yes|||| 
    22 ||with-diff-viewer||Enable build of internal diffviewer||yes|||| 
    23 ||with-subshell||Enable build of concurrent subshell||yes|||| 
    24 ||with-subshell=optional||Don't run concurrent shell by default||no|||| 
    25 ||with-gpm-mouse||Compile with gpm mouse support (Linux only)||yes if found|||| 
    26 ||with-search-engine||Compile with slang or ncurses screen library||slang if found|||| 
     49Optional Packages: 
     50  --with-PACKAGE[=ARG]           use PACKAGE [ARG=yes] 
     51  --without-PACKAGE              do not use PACKAGE (same as --with-PACKAGE=no) 
     52  --with-pic                     try to use only PIC/non-PIC objects [default=use both] 
     53  --with-gnu-ld                  assume the C compiler uses GNU ld [default=no] 
     54  --with-sysroot=DIR             Search for dependent libraries within DIR 
     55                                 (or the compiler's sysroot if not specified). 
     56  --with-glib-static             Link glib statically [no] 
     57  --with-mmap                    Use the mmap call [yes if found] 
     58  --with-gnu-ld                  assume the C compiler uses GNU ld default=no 
     59  --with-libiconv-prefix[=DIR]   search for libiconv in DIR/include and DIR/lib 
     60  --without-libiconv-prefix      don't search for libiconv in includedir and libdir 
     61  --with-included-gettext        use the GNU gettext library included here 
     62  --with-libintl-prefix[=DIR]    search for libintl in DIR/include and DIR/lib 
     63  --without-libintl-prefix       don't search for libintl in includedir and libdir 
     64  --with-x                       use the X Window System 
     65  --with-smb-configdir=DIR       Where to put configuration files 
     66  --with-smb-codepagedir=DIR     Where to put codepage files 
     67  --with-gpm-mouse               Compile with gpm mouse support (Linux only) [yes if found] 
     68  --with-search-engine=type      Select low-level search engine (since glib >= 2.14) [glib|pcre] 
     69  --with-pcre[=prefix]           Compile pcre part (via libpcre check) 
     70  --with-subshell                Compile in concurrent subshell [yes] 
     71  --with-subshell=optional       Don't run concurrent shell by default [no] 
     72  --with-screen=LIB              Compile with screen library: slang or 
     73                                 ncurses [slang if found] 
     74  --with-slang-includes=[DIR]    set path to SLANG includes [default=/usr/include]; 
     75                                 make sense only if --with-screen=slang 
     76  --with-slang-libs=[DIR]        set path to SLANG library [default=/usr/lib]; make 
     77                                 sense only if --with-screen=slang 
     78  --with-ncurses-includes=[DIR]  set path to ncurses includes [default=/usr/include]; 
     79                                 make sense only if --with-screen=ncurses; for 
     80                                 /usr/local/include/ncurses specify /usr/local/include 
     81  --with-ncurses-libs=[DIR]      set path to ncurses library [default=/usr/lib]; make 
     82                                 sense only if --with-screen=ncurses 
     83  --with-edit                    Enable internal editor [yes] 
     84  --with-diff-viewer             Compile with diff viewer [yes] 
     85  --with-homedir                 Choose any place of user settings relative to home 
     86                                 dir, or XDG for respect XDG standards [XDG] 
     88Some influential environment variables: 
     89  CC                             C compiler command 
     90  CFLAGS                         C compiler flags 
     91  LDFLAGS                        linker flags, e.g. -L<lib dir> if you have libraries in a 
     92                                 nonstandard directory <lib dir> 
     93  LIBS                           libraries to pass to the linker, e.g. -l<library> 
     94  CPPFLAGS                       (Objective) C/C++ preprocessor flags, e.g. -I<include dir> if 
     95                                 you have headers in a nonstandard directory <include dir> 
     96  CPP                            C preprocessor 
     97  PKG_CONFIG                     path to pkg-config utility 
     98  PKG_CONFIG_PATH                directories to add to pkg-config's search path 
     99  PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR              path overriding pkg-config's built-in search path 
     100  DOXYGEN_PAPER_SIZE             a4wide (default), a4, letter, legal or executive 
     101  GLIB_CFLAGS                    C compiler flags for GLIB, overriding pkg-config 
     102  GLIB_LIBS                      linker flags for GLIB, overriding pkg-config 
     103  XMKMF                          Path to xmkmf, Makefile generator for X Window System 
     104  GMODULE_CFLAGS                 C compiler flags for GMODULE, overriding pkg-config 
     105  GMODULE_LIBS                   linker flags for GMODULE, overriding pkg-config 
     106  SLANG_CFLAGS                   C compiler flags for SLANG, overriding pkg-config 
     107  SLANG_LIBS                     linker flags for SLANG, overriding pkg-config 
     108  CHECK_CFLAGS                   C compiler flags for CHECK, overriding pkg-config 
     109  CHECK_LIBS                     linker flags for CHECK, overriding pkg-config 
     111Use these variables to override the choices made by `configure' or to help 
     112it to find libraries and programs with nonstandard names/locations. 
     114Report bugs to the package provider.