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Welcome to the Midnight Commander Development Center

GNU Midnight Commander is an Open Source file manager for the the shell which should run on all *NIX platforms.

As Midnight Commander is a text mode application. It can be used locally and/or remotely, on the console or under the X Window System.

This is the new site for the Midnight Commander, due to some restructurements in the development team the repository was moved from savannah into this git repository.

Mailing list for developers: mc-devel(at)gnome(dot)org

Mailing list for users: mc(at)gnome(dot)org


A list of the lastest releases can be found here. If you are intrested in developing please have also a look on our git: In order to get a checkout of the git use this:


You are intrested in mc and would like to improve it? Cool! Feel free to post your patches to the tickets and review patches there. If you do this on a regular basis we'll ask you if you maybe want to become a dev. However when you work with the ticket system please have a look on our WorkingGuideLines, so that your work is noticed by us.

If you are unfamiliar with git, you can also have a short view on our GitGuideLines where the workflow with git is described quite practical.