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Midnight Commander 4.8.8

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Major changes since 4.8.7


  • Make copy/move progress dialog window wider up to 2/3 of screen width (#2076)
  • Ask file name before create new file in editor (#2585)
  • Support newer extended mouse protocol SGR-1006 instead of URXVT-1015 (#2956)
  • Add jump support to target line in some external editors and viewers (#2206)



  • Update of Fortran syntax highlighting (#2962)


Diff viewer


  • Code cleanup (#2944)
  • Report real compiler in MC_CHECK_ONE_CFLAG instead of 'gcc'


  • Segfault in file operation due to unhandled regexp error (#2493)
  • Tab completion vs. spaces and escaping (#55)\
  • Special chars are not escaped in autocompletion of filenames (#2626)
  • Buttons in the 'Directory hotlist' window are placed incorrectly (#2958)
  • Mouse doesn't select text in subshell in native console (#2964)
  • Mouse click below non-droppeddown menubar activates menu box (#2971)
  • Insufficient quoting and wrong message in user menu (#2947)
  • mcedit: floating point exception (division by zero) (#2953)