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Midnight Commander 4.8.2

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Major changes since 4.8.1


  • Added new flag -X (--no-x) to allow dont't use X11 to get the state of modifiers Alt, Ctrl, Shift (#86)
  • Support of '~' as home dir in 'Start at:' field in 'Find File' dialog (#2694)
  • Learn of 'Back Tab' is possible now in 'Learn keys' dialog (#2628)
  • Optional '0x' prefix for hexadecimal search (#2705)




  • Added action bindings for backward search (#2105)

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  • Added hotkeys for all radio/check-buttons in search/replace dialogs (#2704)
  • New file bindings:
  • Simplify - remove LZMA|LZ and change p7 to 7z (#2703)
  • Updated list of known browsers: gnome-moz-remote mozilla firefox konqueror opera (#2725)


  • Compile failure of 4.8.1 on xBSD because "Undefined symbols: _posix_fallocate" (#2689)
  • Wrong total bytes counter for subdirs in copy/move dialog (#2503)
  • Command line is unaccessible from tree panel (#2714)
  • Extra confirmation before delete an empty hotlist group (#1576)
  • Can't open an edit zero-length file from VFS in mcedit (#2710)