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Midnight Commander 4.7.2

It's preliminary version for to be ready for release any day.

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Major changes since 4.7.1


  • Quick Search mode is defined by quick_search_case_sensitive option (#2022)
  • Mouse wheel doesn't change sorting preferences in panels (#2093)



  • Case insensitive syntax highlighting (#1770)


  • Fixed superfluous "Search done, Continue from begining?" dialog (#2091)


  • Added new skins:
  • Documentation updates
  • Translation updates


  • Segfault in panelization of file find results (#2068)
  • Segfault in standalone editor and viewer (#2087)
  • If dialog was canceled, input line content is saved in history (#2082)
  • MC says "File exists" trying create directory with empty filename (#2014)
  • Can't define help window background via skin (#1701)
  • Incorrect layout of file operation dialog in non-verbose mode (#2099)
  • MC treats files ending with a dot as gzip (#2114)
  • Incorrext cursor position after "Cursor beyond end of line" mode switched off (#2094)
  • Incorrect toggling state of ruler in viewer (#2067)
  • Incorrect handling of EXTFS plugin names (#1909)
  • Segfault in symlink handling within archives