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Midnight Commander 4.7.1

It's preliminary version for to be ready for release any day.

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Major changes since


  • States of all 'Find File' dialog checkboxes are saved in user configuration file (#1874)
  • New file type bindings:
    • viewing .lyx with lyxcat, opening with lyx (#1693)


  • Small reorganizing (#1931)


  • Some simple optimization of syntax highlighting engine (#1843)
  • Show right margin using 'editor_show_right_margin' option. Keybind EditToggleShowMargin in [editor] section is used to toggle the state (#1514)



  • Lots of code cleanup (#1780, #1915)
  • Translation updates


  • Memory and file descriptors leaks (#1953)
  • Small error in versioning (#1905)
  • Segfault in input line history (#1936)
  • MC crashes on exit when using C locale (#1942)
  • Assertion failed for g_array_free (#1954)
  • Viewer in QuickView mode corrupts screen (#1918, #1944)
  • MC won't compile on Solaris due to undefined constant NAME_MAX (#1943)
  • deba and debd VFS: items from DEBIAN directory are not accessible (#1920)
  • Samba is not built with tcc (#1933)