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Midnight Commander 4.7.0-pre4

It's preliminary version for to be ready for release any day. view all closed tickets for this release


Major changes since 4.7.0-pre3


  • Added feature of sort files by mouse click on column header
  • Added keybindings for change sort type of files via hotkeys (PanelSelectSortOrder, PanelToggleSortOrderPrev, PanelToggleSortOrderNext, PanelReverseSort, PanelSortOrderByName, PanelSortOrderByExt, PanelSortOrderBySize, PanelSortOrderByMTime)
  • Now in panel header always draw letter of sort type and direction of sort (in long view mode only draw direction of sort near current sort column)
  • Skin-files: Added new parameters 'sort-sign-up' and 'sort-sign-down' into section '[widget-common]' for draw sign of sort direction
  • added parameter 'extensions_case' into filehighlight.ini file.


  • Fixed view *.tar files with a colon in name
  • Allow 'exit' command on non-local filesystems
  • Added partial support of Microsoft CAB-archives
  • Added support of ico files
  • Fix segfaults in various cases while browsing various VFSs (#1712)



  • fix tabs alignment (#1664)


  • refactoring: now all filenames constant plase in src/fileloc.h file
  • testing&development: added ability for change user config dir. For example, type make CFLAGS='-DMC_USERCONF_DIR=\".mc2\"'
  • Changed Alt+Backspace behavior in command line (#256)


  • autoindent regression (#1669)
  • hex editor regression (#1675)
  • fixed ownership of config files (#1617)
  • fix broken check of option '--disable-vfs-undelfs' (#1607)