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Midnight Commander 4.7.0-pre4

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Major changes since 4.7.0-pre3


  • Added feature of sort files by mouse click on column header
  • Added keybindings to change files sort type via shortcuts (PanelSelectSortOrder, PanelToggleSortOrderPrev, PanelToggleSortOrderNext, PanelReverseSort, PanelSortOrderByName, PanelSortOrderByExt, PanelSortOrderBySize, PanelSortOrderByMTime)
  • Now the letter of sort type and sort direction is always drawn in panel header (direction of sort is drown near the current sort column in long file list mode only)
  • Skin-files: added new parameters 'sort-sign-up' and 'sort-sign-down' in the section '[widget-common]' to draw sign of sort direction
  • Added option 'extensions_case' in filehighlight.ini file.
  • Menu engine was reimplemented: 1) now menu is build dynamically, 2) shortcut displayed in menu item is not a part of menu item text and it is synchronized with keybinding defined in mc.keymap file (#1563).


  • Fixed view *.tar files with a colon in name
  • Allow 'exit' command on non-local filesystems
  • Added partial support of Microsoft CAB-archives
  • Added support of ico files
  • Added support of *.djvu files
  • Fix segfaults in various cases while browsing various VFSs (#1712)
  • Fixed warnings when file copy inside archive. (#1729)


  • Added scrolled percentage in status bar (only in "simple statusbar" mode) (#395)
  • Fixed Misbehaving rectangular select in editor (wrong when selected from right to left and/or bottom to top) (#1553)
  • Split editor menu 'Command' to 'Command' and 'Format' (#408)
  • Added option 'Check POSIX new line' into 'Save mode...' dialog, add notification before save when no newline at EOF (#46)
  • Added bindings ('EditShiftBlockLeft', 'EditShiftBlockRight') for shift block (#1489) Fixed incorrect drawing CJK (double width) character. (#1628)


  • Fixed tabs alignment (#1664)
  • Fixed view of next/prev file (#1750)


  • Shared clipboard for the mc editor, form fields, panel and command prompt (#244)
  • Refactoring: now all filename constants are placed in src/fileloc.h file
  • Testing & development: added ability for change user config dir. For example, type make CFLAGS='-DMC_USERCONF_DIR=\".mc2\"'
  • Changed Alt+Backspace behavior in command line (#256)


  • Fixed broken building under uclibc <0.9.29 (#1726)
  • Autoindent regression (#1669)
  • Viewer Hex editor regression (#1675)
  • Incorrect indentation block when selecting with F3 + keys (#1492)
  • Fixed ownership of config files (#1617)
  • fix broken check of option '--disable-vfs-undelfs' (#1607)
  • Learn keys: fixed incorrect save of keys configuration (#1532)
  • Fixed bug with 'The shell is already running a command' (#213)
  • Fixed 'B' artefact into OpenSuse console of root user.