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Midnight Commander 4.7.0-pre2

Released at 2009 aug 29.

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Major changes since 4.7.0-pre1


  • cycle menu navigation
  • change behaviour of C-space, now it calculate size on "..", and for selected dirs if there is one.
  • new find file option: find only first hit in file (make search faster)
  • new find file option: Whole words - find whole words only
  • scalable TUI


  • FTPFS: support of IPv6 protocol
  • extfs/iso9660 updated to support Joliet "UCS level 1"


  • new search/replace flag added "In selection".
  • new hotkeys for bookmarks, now bookmark displayed in state line and editor
  • new cursor behavior. Option "Cursor beyond end of line" - allow moving cursor beyond the end of line.
  • new syntax hightlights added: erlang, ebuild, named, strace, j
  • syntax hightlights updated: mail, vhdl, html


  • Reworked for improve perfomance
  • Implemented interruptable long-distance movements
  • splitted src/view.[ch] into many files in src/viewer/ subdir for more simple support of code
  • fixed build of format string in runtime (for better i18n)
  • add 'Whole words' option into the viewer 'Search' dialog


  • new option mouse_close_dialog, if mouse_close_dialog=1 click on outside the dialog close them
  • new: SI-based size show
  • make shared history for find file, editor search/replace, viever


  • linking error with --enable-vfs-undelfs
  • external editor won't open if there are spaces in EDITOR variable
  • C-c kill mc if mc built with --without-subshell option is run with -d option
  • directory hotlist rendering
  • segfault on empty replace string
  • fixes for vfs/tarfs
  • removing bashizm from vfs/extfs/u7z
  • crash mc on create new file (Shift-F4) in external editor
  • File copy/move dialog: in replacement field now handled asterisks as search groups (#414)
  • VFS: Fixed SIGSERV(or heap corruption) on large filenames
  • Fixed broken backward search (#1496)
  • Fixed uninitialised value for mouse event in in find.c#check_find_events() function
  • Fixed ctrl+z signal handling.
  • Fixed incorrect showing prompt
  • Fixed incorrect vertical selection (if line state swiched on)
  • Fixed screen resize handle if mouse support is disabled
  • Restore correct current directory after switch from Info panel to List one
  • Fixed mouse support in 'konsole-256color' terminal
  • Fixed keycodes in 'xterm-256color' terminal
  • Fixed incorrect regexp search by content in 'file find' dialog (#1543)
  • Fixed incorrect backwards search (#1558)
  • Fixed incorrect detection of compressed patchfs
  • Fixed incorrect detecting codeset when <no translation> codeset selected. (#1529)

The new release can be downloaded at the following URL: