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Opened 5 months ago

Feature request: Extra options in "File exists" dialog

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Currently the "File exists" dialog has 7 options for overwriting files: "Yes", "No", "Append", "All", "Update", "None", "If size differs".
The individual file options are fine, but the "all targets" options could benefit from some extra functionality:

"If smaller": overwrite existing file if the copied/moved one is bigger. One typical use case when copying picture files and some of them have extra metadata added, so have bigger file size. This would handle the interrupted copy/move operation as well, if the interrupted file is only a chunk. This is absolutely different from "If size differs".
"If older": overwrite existing file if the new file is more recent. If I understand correctly this is the functionality of the "Update", but the name is somewhat misleading, so I would suggest renaming the option.

Another idea is, maybe the whole dialog should get an overhaul, the options taken apart, and the options "Yes", "No", "Append", "If older", "If smaller", "If size differs" should be followed by a separate check-box "Do this for all the files".

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